reader appreciation celebration!

in yesterday’s post, i talked about how grateful i was for this little blog and for all the friends i have made from it.
i am honestly & sincerely grateful to all of my readers for the support you have shown me these last months.

as a big THANK YOU for all of the love you have shown me, i have teamed up with some of my awesome sponsors for a BIG READER APPRECIATION CELEBRATION!!
{i.e. a very big group giveaway!}

and as a reminder, please only “like” “follow” or “favorite” my sponsors if you intend to STAY! please do not follow and then unfollow. my sponsors work hard, they are being incredibly generous and it honestly kills me to see people become fans just to win a giveaway. get to know them & their shops/blogs, i promise you will love them!

okay, now that i’m done with my little rant, let’s get on with the giveaway!

to enter you must be a follower of my blog! {i know there is some controversy with making this mandatory to enter, but i feel like it’s only fair to thank those who have subscribed to my blog and have been with me for some time! right?}

there will be a winner for each prize!
which means there will be 21 different prizes up for grabs for 21 different winners!

now on to the prizes!


a   m (40) i really wanted to give away something personally from me but didn’t know what to do. an ad space yeah but not all my readers have a shop or a blog to promote. and i wanted to make it special and personal for whoever won it so that’s why i just labeled it an ambiguous “care package.” maybe that’s lame… but i hope it’s not!! it’ll be full of goodies picked especially for you if you win :)


BLUE & GREEN NECKLACE from Rhi’s Designs
blue green yellow 6
my sister has a GREAT shop with really fun & beautiful designs! she really is incredibly talented and can make anything you show her!

i love this necklace and multicolored swirled heart beads. i think this would be a perfect statement necklace to throw on with any outfit!

and you can also get 10% off any order with the code MARCH at checkout!

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Alisha is by far one of my very favorite people that i have met in this little blogging world. i think she is incredibly talented not just as a writer and fashionista, but also with her knitting and photography!! she does it all!

she is giving away an 16x20 CANVAS PRINT of your choice of the above images from her Etsy shop. these picture are so peaceful and beautiful!! it makes me can’t wait til summer!!

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6988088497_6b0485e929_b Kristine is another incredible woman i have gotten to know and is just as kind & supporting as she is on her blog. she has a really cute shop called J&M’s Eye Candy where she makes really adorable clips and headbands like this one.

she is giving away one of her new satin flower hair clips (or if you want it as a headband!) from her shop! love it!

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MEDIUM AD SPACE from Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

Medium Ad

another close blogging friend, Beth always knows the right thing to say to me when i’m feeling overwhelmed! she is so real & genuine and i absolutely love that about her!! she makes everyone feel special and will always take the time to talk & help if you need it!

Beth is giving away one month of medium ad space on her blog! and honestly, she is great to work with and will really help your shop grow!

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FOUR VINTAGE GREETING CARDS from Jenni.Austria.Germany


i’ve gushed so much about Jenni before and it’s all true! she is kind and funny and friendly and supportive and sweet and awesome! i met her through a giveaway and i am grateful all the time that i have been able to get to know her!

Jenni is giving away these 4 adorable vintage greeting cards that are 5x7 and have birthday, friendship, and congratulatory messages inside & have matching envelopes. i told her she should keep them for herself cause they are really cute but she’s nicer than me and wants to give them to a lucky reader! :)

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Tahnie is an incredible inspiration to me!! i feel blessed to know her and how much she has changed my life. honestly. Tahnie has Cystinosis which occurs in only 1 of every 250,00 live births. it may eventually claim her life but she is doing all she can to choose joy and live life to the fullest with her sweet little girl!

today, Tahnie is giving away a gLocket heart locket necklace with 4 birthstone charms!! i love it and desperately want it for myself :)

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X-LARGE AD SPACE from Small Bird Studios

IMG_6658 Franchesca is another life-changing friendship that i feel honored to have with her! after all she has been through, she has devoted her life & blog to inspiring and uplifting other women. she is a great friend and a great example to me!

Franchesca is giving away an XL April Ad on her blog which includes solo feature post/giveaway post. and really she is one of the best blogs to sponsor!

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$15 SHOP CREDIT from Little Doe Eyed Girl

i have really enjoyed getting to know Monique this month and was so happy she came on as a sponsor. her hair accessories are beautiful {and the little model is precious!!}! she is real and isn’t afraid to tell it how it really is. i really admire her and her honesty! she is a wonderful and beautiful mom!

today, Monique is giving away $15 shop credit to her shop, Little Doe Eyed Girl! since i don’t have a little girl {yet}, i would totally snag one of her peacock feather clips for myself :)

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BIRDS NEST NECKLACE from Wired Out Jewelry

il_570xN.308647398 Morgan from Wired Out Jewelry is by far the sweetest woman i have ever met!! and i’m not just saying sweetest like every blogger says sweetest, i mean it for real! her shop items are gorgeous, she is incredibly nice & humble, and even when i talked to her so last minute she was nothing but kind & helpful about it all! seriously. i am pretty sure i already am completely in love with her and her shop!

she is giving away one of these birds nest necklaces in your choice of color!! this is by far one of my favorites so you are welcome to send it on to me if you win it :)

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LARGE AD SPACE from From the Guest Room


another bloggy bestie, Mary Kate of From the Guest Room is one of the most encouraging people EVER! i am pretty sure i have never heard a negative sentence from her! she is so positive and really truly cares about everyone! i have enjoyed getting to know her so much these last few months and i know you will too!

Mary Kate is giving away a large ad space on her blog and seriously you will absolutely love working with her! she works with her sponsors well and really will help grow your business.

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CUSTOM WREATH from Lil Noodle Bug

i have been completely obsessed with Lil’ Noodle Bug for ages. like ages and ages!! Courtney is so talented and makes these wreaths and flowers look incredible! i know for a fact if i ever attempted to do what she does, it would be an absolute train wreck with lots and lots of tears and angry words. but Courtney does is so effortlessly and beautifully, i want her to make me a wreath for every day of the year!

Courtney is giving away one custom wreath of your choice to one lucky winner!! seriously lucky!

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HALF OFF A PHOTOSHOOT from Forever and Always Photography

DSC07171 Laura is young but incredibly talented! she is a local photographer with a great eye for beauty. i am impressed with her captures and her beautiful images!! i barely know how to work my camera and at her age i was only ever using disposable cameras. so for her to be able to have such great pictures is really amazing to me!

Laura is giving away a 50% discounted photo shoot with cd of digital images! her prices are already low and affordable at $30 for singles, $35 for couples, and $45 for a group package so to take half-off those prices is an incredible deal!

must live in the Salt Lake City/Toole area!



LARGE AD SPACE from Whimsical Poppysmic

Chrissy from Whimsical Poppysmic was one of my first ever bloggy besties!! from the beginning, she reached out to me and helped me in countless ways that i feel like i will never be able to repay her fully. i have always and will always look up to her and the incredible kindness she has shown me even when i was just a little punk of a kid asking about sponsor swaps and giveaways not knowing anything about blogging. [that was a run-on] i feel like some people wouldn’t have a lot of patience with that sometimes but Chrissy did and i will be forever grateful to her for it!

Chrissy is giving away free large ad space for a month on her blog!! like i said, i’ve worked with her from the beginning and she is amazing!! you would not be disappointed!

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CUSTOM STATE PRINT from Livy Love Designs

state copy

Diana is by far one of my favorite people, not just in blogging but real life too! i have met her a couple of times {and had lunch with her today!} and honestly, you don’t get more real than her!! she is so nice and so caring and so so talented! i am determined to make her my real life best friend {she lives in the same town} so i can learn of her awesome ways!

today, Diana is giving away a free 8x10 custom state print of your choice! you choose the state and the city where the heart goes over and any colors you want!! i love these prints with every part of my heart. i already told her i want to order 5 {Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Utah}

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$25 SHOP CREDIT from Petals, Lace, and Pearls

$25 credit2 even her name and ad just screams I’M BEAUTIFUL!! and everything in Becky’s shop Petals, Lace, and Pearls really is gorgeous!! and i mean it! her items are so unique, and beautiful, and at really affordable prices. her lace flower products basically have me drooling every time i look at them. and i’m not just saying that, honestly!

Becky is giving away $25 shop credit to her Etsy shop. do you know what you could get with that?!?! i do! i already made my wish list :)

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MEDIUM AD SPACE from Our Reflection

Laura is one of the kindest, loving souls EVER! {and i think using the word soul is weird a lot but it was the only word that i felt truly fit Laura because really she’s just that good!} with just interacting with her for a little over a month she already has treated me like we are life-long friends. i really respect her and her work!

Laura is giving away a medium ad space for a month on her blog, Our Reflection. and she is GREAT to work with!! she works hard for you and really gets your name out there!

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Steven & Dana are a husband and wife team who own Sodapop Designs. and they are by far the coolest and kindest couple!! i am a total ditz and a huge procrastinator which can be frustrating to work with. but Steven & Dana were nothing but nice and so so SO helpful even with my follies. i really appreciate their kindness and friendship and think that everyone should have Steven & Dana cheerleaders in their lives. cause they would really make you feel pretty awesome even when you are quite certain you are not! :)

Steven & Dana are giving away this incredibly gorgeous champagne & silver necklace that is really just stunning! this is like fancy date night jewelry right here!

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$20 SHOP CREDIT from Take the Cannoli

storecredit Natalie from Take the Cannoli is basically so incredibly awesome that i feel so lame next to her. seriously, she is the coolest!! i remember when i first emailed her and i was just blown away by her kindness and sincerity. we just clicked! and already i know we will be friends for a long time! and her shop just kills me every time i look at it! i.want.everything!!

Natalie is giving away a $20 shop credit to her shop, Take the Cannoli. and will you please split it with me? kthanks!

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2 HAIR WRAPS from Penelope Lane

58 (1) Oh, Penelope Lane!! my long time shop obsession for as long as i can remember! i have seen her products everywhere i love everything about them! i finally got up the courage to email her directly to tell her how i kind of stalk her and Sarah turns out to be pretty much the nicest person i have ever had the privilege of emailing. like, knock my polka-dot socks off/totally floored/jumping up and down/squealing to Adam nice. i mean, of course she is nice!! but she is just too cool that i felt like a giddy freshman when a senior says “you have really cute shoes!” it was just like that!

today, Sarah is giving away your choice of 2 hair wraps (adult and child) from her shop! you will love them and wear them every day i promise you!

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LARGE AD SPACE from Gentri Lee

Large sponsor spot (1)

and last but certainly not least, Gentri Lee! Gentri is basically everything i hope to be and every blogger’s {and shop owner and reader and i’m-just-walking-down-the-street} best friend! i’m pretty sure i would be no where without her! i cannot say enough good things about this girl turned real life friend! everyone loves her as they should :)

Gentri is giving away a free large sponsor spot on her blog! she is awesome to work with and really does grow your blog/shop!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance to win! :)

Leigh-Ellen said...

Wow, that's an almost overwhelming giveaway!! Definitely do not live in the Salt Lake area but super excited about any of the rest!

Elisha said...

wow this is awesome!!!

Elisha said...

I surely hope I win (:

Rachel said...

how fun! I'd love to win an add space!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Whew! I feel like I've already accomplished so much this morning in doing this :) Excited to see if I win!

Stacey said...

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter :) And thanks to all of your sponsors for their generosity!

Unknown said...

What an AMAZING giveaway! Thanks for the chances! :)

AbsoluteMommy said...

Awesome giveaway!!

Sarah Crooks said...

Megan! I don't know how you do everything you do but thanks for putting this all together! I ALWAYS find new talent doing your giveaways and love finding the blogs to follow! I don't need add space though so if I entered for that and win better give it to someone else . . .

Sarah Crooks said...

Megan! I don't know how you do everything you do but thanks for putting this all together! I ALWAYS find new talent doing your giveaways and love finding the blogs to follow! I don't need add space though so if I entered for that and win better give it to someone else . . .

The White List said...

Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!

ashleymoranyoga said...

what a great giveaway! thanks :)

Unknown said...

Did most of the entries! Hope to win an ad space!!