i can do this

day 17.3me and Elijah day 17day 17.2
[top: gift from Macy’s; scarf: gift; belt & shoes: thrifted; jeans: F21]

thank you all so so much for your help/advice/encouragement/support from Friday’s post!!
this whole month was just kind of tough and i think i finally just cracked.

to be fair, Elijah really isn’t that difficult.
he just has lots and lots of energy! so it gets tiring.
but he’s actually so loving, kind, sweet, fun, hilarious, and really really smart.
i love seeing his little personality burst through and see how much he has grown.

i’ve realized since Friday with all of your help, lots of talking to my close friends, and a long discussion with Adam that i’m missing two main things: a good routine and time to myself
[which both used to happen more when Elijah was taking two 2-hour naps a day but then cut it down to only one… HUGE hit to my sanity!]

so i’m trying to figure out a good schedule and get involved in some more activities that will help me feel more productive and successful throughout the day/week/month.

i really want to be a good mom.
i really want to feel confident in my abilities.
and i really want to feel good about myself and my role in my family’s life.

i’m excited for these new changes.
{even if it’s just small steps at a time}

thanks again for all of your help and motivation!
i cannot tell you enough how much it means to me and how much it truly helped!


Breezy said...

My baby is very similar. Very sweet but TONS of energy. You look awesome in your outfit posts! Love your scarf!


Katie said...

i'm not a mom yet but i can imagine finding the balance between time for yourself and time with your kids would be a challenge! i'm sure you are doing a great job! and you look SO cute in this outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

I am not a mom yet myself, but have a lot of experience with nanny work and have been a live in the last 7 months. Have always had kids with a lot of energy and my own brother have ADHD.
Children with energy are wonderful! They keep you going, but you really have to show the kids where the limits are. More routines as you say can do it :) Make sure food and sleep are planned for him.

You're really not a bad mother! And remember; some mothers don't really tell about those things because they are afraid other people would see them as bad mothers. I am sure most mothers go through that ... not only once, but multiple times through their childrens life. I have talked with mostly every mom who's kid I have taking care of about this; and none of them are bad mothers in any way and you either :)!


Christi Lynn said...

you look so great! i love your outfit...just so you know :)

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I'm sure you are a great mother to your cute son! and you don't look any bit of cracked in that picture, very cute!

Aubrey said...


Anonymous said...

I learned that doing it alone, I had to find balance. i didn't have any at first, and when I finally found balance as a mom, with my job,and my role, I looked at things differently. It's ok to sit down for five seconds remember that! your doing an awesome job! keep up the good work,

ashleymoranyoga said...

i think you're just being honest and that doesn't make you a bad mom. you can totally see how happy elijah is in all your pictures-- i think you're doing great!