bouncing baby boy {literally}

bounce house 3IMG_2543IMG_2546
bounce house 8[Eli & Ellie are best friends! though it might not look like it here since Elijah seems like he is laughing at Ellie falling on her face. but they really are!]

IMG_2542IMG_2539IMG_2530IMG_2544bounce house 9bounce house 10bounce house 7
bounce house 4IMG_2540 

Elijah got invited to a little friend’s birthday party at Kangaroo Zoo this week.
oh man, it was like that boy died and went to heaven!!
after some gentle forcing coaxing to get inside the first bounce house,
he LOVED it!!
he especially loved going up and down the big slides over and over and over….
and he got pretty good at climbing in and sliding down all by himself.
i admit, i got a little teary eyed thinking that my bouncing baby boy wasn’t so much a baby anymore but a big, crazy boy.

it was a lot of fun to play with him and watch him explore this new place and bounce all his energies out.
but the biggest highlight of the day?
E-rock can finally drink out of a straw!!!!

bounce house 1bounce house 2 
[he’s concentrating really hard]

yes he didn’t know how to before and so yes we had to document this great occasion.
seriously. he can open childproof dvd cases and pop the dvds out but couldn’t drink out of a straw??

talk about him looking like a big boy… these pictures put me over the edge.

thank you Costas for an awesome party!!
seriously best day ever for a very active 2 year old!


Emma Frances said...

It looks like he had a blast!! :) And he does look all grown up! I'm sure it feels like time has just flown! Ah! He's so cute!!

Amber Marie said...

sorry you are feeling sick. the throw-ups are the worst. very cute pictures of eli and congrads to eli for learning how to drink with a straw!

Amber Marie said...

p.s. the only time camilla has thrown-up was after a stint at chuck-e-cheese in california. those kinds of places are crawling with yuck germs!

Profe Sebastian said...

They are TOTALLY BFF's. He's just laughing at her joy of falling down. Not the actual falling down part!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Haha, Paul will be so tickled that the previous comment was seemingly posted by him...not!

Ruthie Hart said...

I bet that was the HIGHLIGHT of his week!! I used to take the kiddos I nannied for in college to the bouncy house and I myself loved to play haha

Me said...

I can't get over how much Eli looks like you!
Cutie pie!