Saturday Favorites

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[top: Ann Taylor Loft thrifted; blazer: Forever 21 thrifted; jeans: Forever 21 on clearance; shoes: Targe on clearance; belt: thrifted; earrings c/o Sebastian Design find them here]

this is by far one of my favorite outfits for the 30x30 under $30 and beyond.
i honestly wear it the most frequently. it’s really casual & comfortable but still dressed up enough to not be so “i’m a frumpy mom” kind of thing. and it’s all my favorite colors, purple & turquoise {as if you didn’t catch that already by how all my outfits look very similar in color to one another}.

but my question would be though… do you think the belt is too long to be around my waist like that? or still okay??

anyways, i still like it.

and i hope you are all having a good weekend so far!!
here’s some of my favorite links you should check out this weekend if you are looking for something to do

Ashley really opened up and shared incredibly touching stories during Secret Week over on her blog. i am always so impressed and inspired by Ashley and how genuine she is. she doesn’t hide anything and always tries to be honest. i love that about her! be sure to read her Secret Week posts and link up your own secrets as well! we are all here to support one another :)

this deer necklace is one of my most very favorite that my sister designed. i’m actually really surprised no one has snatched it up yet! it’s kind of taking a lot of willpower not to beg her to let me just keep it :)


i NEED to make these vanilla pudding cinnamon rolls from Beck-a-Boo Crafts. holy amazing!!

last summer i didn’t hop on the maxi dress/skirt bandwagon but i kind of wish i did. especially with really cute and simple tutorials like this one featured on U-Create. i think a brightly color maxi dress with a big sun hat would be perfect for our trip to San Diego, no?

i love Kaycie’s home tour and all the little details she put into her place. i firmly believe that no matter where you live you should make your place your own. it truly does bring so much more happiness and peace when you feel comfortable in your own place. and i love all the different elements Kaycie put into her home, especially that bronze deer! how cool is that!

i am completely obsessed this nursery over at Owen’s Olivia  but even more obsessed with the pallet wall she created. i never would have thought of using pallet boards like that. isn’t it amazing!?!

Mindy always finds the best stuff at thrift stores. seriously, why can’t we have that kind of stuff at our DI?? i’m kind of dying over those shoes. i have this obsession with trying to find red shoes every time i go to a thrift store and i always fail. not Mindy though!! jealous….

Claire from Polka-Dot Pretties has been sharing really awesome sewing tips and tutorials on her blog! she is sharing a camera strap with ruffle tutorial now and it’s awesome. did you know she just taught herself how to sew?? she’s seriously one amazingly talented woman and her tutorials are so incredibly helpful. i can’t wait to go through all of them.

Jenni from Story of My Life shared some really really great blogging tips that all bloggers {including myself!} should read. if you are just starting your blog or have had it for sometime you should definitely read her words of wisdom.

i really really really love this gallery wall from Tatertos & Jello, as i’m sure almost everyone does. and that table?? she found it and spray painted it!! why do others have all the luck?? this picture alone can make me name off a million reasons why i can’t wait to have a place of my own to decorate. so stinking cute!!

Meredith is quite possibly one of the funniest and cutest bloggers i have had the chance of meeting. and her Talking to Two posts always have me crying from laughing so hard. i can’t wait until Elijah can finally say full {and coherent} sentences so i can have funny conversations with him too.

in this big blogging community, i’m sure most of us has heard about Creative Estates and how much fun {and maybe not so fun} some attendees had there. i didn’t go but sometimes wish i did just so i could meet the amazing Ashley from Little Miss Momma. i swear we are the same person {she just doesn’t know it yet} and she always says exactly what i am feeling or experiencing. she wrote a beautiful pot on the importance of friendships, something that i have also honestly struggled with, and really reminded everyone that no matter what happens the friendships you make are what will always get you through.



Hannah Herman said...

Very cute outfit! I like the cuffed jeans :)

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

thank you for including me :)

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

I love that nursery! And Tatertots wall of beautiful-ness! :)

AND yes, CE was CRAZY--but SO MUCH FUN too! I feel bad the way everything happened. Ashley did a GREAT job w/ her craft. Love her even more now!


Mindy Harris said...

aw thanks for featuring me, friend. i don't ALWAYS have luck at the thrift stores...there are just SO MANY here. ;)

Unknown said...

You always wear the cutest outfits! That deer necklace is darling!!!!

Nancy@owensolivia said...

Thank you for posting my nursery! It was a pleasant surprise! xoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks for including me! I love my house, too :)