Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

diary of a mad fat girl

for the BlogHer Book Club, i got to read Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.

i LOVED this book so so much. within the first few pages i was laughing at the main character’s, Graciela “Ace” Jones, narration.  it was just so perfect and so great!

Stephanie McAfee does such a great job at making you love Ace and understanding how she thinks of her friends, her boss, and her ex-boyfriend Mason McKenzie. when Ace’s friend, Lilly Lane, get fired wrongfully from the school they work at, Ace doesn’t know if she could ever forgive her friend. but then, Lilly’s problems seem to be put aside once they find out their other friend, Chole, starts having problems with her husband.
and it all gets very exciting from there!

from the very beginning, i was completely wrapped up in the book. i even stayed up til 4am one night reading because i completely lost track of time {and i paid for it later that’s for sure…}.

the only problem i had with the book is the language.
as you can tell by the title, it’s about a mad girl. and mad she is.
but in most cases she has every right to be mad when it comes to her friend Chloe and her husband.
[abuse, infidelity, all that horrible stuff]
and being mad i guess that means you swear a lot… so that’s what she does. and i’m not talking little swear words. i’m talking about dropping some of the big ones here and there.

so i don’t know if i got used to it or was just so into the story {it’s because i was so into the story} but i started to not notice the swearing as much. but i feel like i should give a fair warning that the language content is not suitable for young children…
[let me just also say that i have read books before with lots of swearing and couldn’t finish them. once in high school i asked my teacher to assign me a different book because i couldn’t stand reading this one book anymore because of it’s terrible language and innuendos. but this book honestly was not like that and i could still appreciate it aside from that]

that being said, i still think it’s a great book. truly. i would read it again.
i just can’t tell you enough how funny and exciting and totally-hooked-to-the-love-story this book is.
i really do recommend it even with the warning.

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


Danny Heyen said...

Sounds good! Think I'll have to check it out!

Ruthie Hart said...

adding it to my good reads list!

Alexis Kaye said...

sounds awesome! buying the book now for my road trip next week! hahah i have a problem thoguh! the girl on the cover isn't fat!!

Bree said...

I think I'll check it out! I need a new book to read. Basically I always need a new book to read! Haha. I love reading your reviews! :)