momentous + giveaway winner

[counting Eli’s fingers at church to keep him sitting still]

i have to document this momentous day.
because of course it will probably never happen again and i will forget that Elijah was once a well-mannered boy

this is seriously a big deal.
he whined once, then got entertained again.
he sat on our laps, looked at books, ate his fruit snacks, played with our bench neighbors, counted fingers, looked at letters, looked through the hymns….

he sat through the whole thing!!
we didn’t have to take him out even once!

i love church & i love feeling uplifted afterwards.
but ever since Eli turned into this rambunctious, energetic toddler i have hated going to church just to listen to him cry and chase him around the halls and never feeling like i felt the Spirit or the peace that is supposed to come with going to church.
each Sunday i end up sitting at the pew, by myself while Adam tries to corral Eli {since i’m not strong enough honestly}, with tears in my eyes because i’m so frustrated that we can never ever get through the meetings.

and then today he did it!!!
i seriously could not be more happier.
it seems like such a silly thing to celebrate.
but if you knew the weeks/months of frustration i have had with trying to teach him to sit still and the times i come home so flustered and crying to Adam because i feel like a bad mom and like i’ll never be able to teach him or he will never listen to me…..
then yeah, you would be really happy too!

he did it!!!
{and next week i’m sure he won’t but that’s okay. one day at a time!}

i also picked a winner for the Somewhere Over the Rainbow giveaway from Monday

and the winner is….
commenter #1: GRACE!!


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Elisha said...

Congrats grace!! :)

Profe Sebastian said...

Yaaaay! That IS momentous. How exciting!

Profe Sebastian said...

Dang it...that would be me pretending to be Paul again...and too lazy to delete the comment, log into my account, and repost it. But hey, now you have three comments :)

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

That's amazing that he sat through church the whole time :0

The little girl next to us was so good! I didn't realize she was even there until she fell off the bench...poor kid.

Unknown said...

Yay!! I'm hoping my lil one will sit through church on Easter...

Alexis Kaye said...

That is so awesome!!! GOOD JOB!!! I remember once when I was young. Probably like 11 and didn't understand. We were late to church and a lady was outside sacrament with her little girl they had finally gottent he adoption finalized. She was chasing her around, yelling even. She looked at us and said "I don't even know why we come anymore!" At the time I was judgemental and didn't understand but now I can see how exhausting and trying that would be. Seriously, it would be easier to sleep through church or find easier activities to do. Good for you for pushing through. And I think that's totally a victory worth celebrating. woot woot!