perspective is everything

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last week, after a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving break/weekend things started to feel a bit hectic. 
Elijah got his head glued
school was starting again and was supposed to be harder,
Adam got a new calling {which takes him away even more than already being in school},
i was busy with my calling,
i started feeling the stress of putting together the Holiday Gift Guide
the ever-present stress of money was starting to get worse with Christmas coming up, 
and, you know, all the other usual stresses of life. 

on the day that Elijah hit his head and the new calling started and it was the night before school and etc., etc., etc., i thought to myself,
"wow, i could so easily freak out right now." 

cause i'm a total high-stress, basket-case, freak show usually. 
i mean, really. 
ask Adam. 

but i was surprisingly calm at the beginning of last week. 
for some reason the thought in my mind that kept coming back was,
"there is a purpose for everything. it will all be okay." 

it felt like the first time in a long time, if ever, i actually had a little perspective on the whole situation. 
i could understand that this is just a moment in time that is meant to help me grow. 

there's a lot of things that maybe i don't like about our situation right now. 
but i still am grateful for my life and love who i share it with.

i know that with all the stresses & hardships, i still have the things that i need and matter most:
good health
loving family
kind husband
sweet little boy
warm bed
hot meals
glorious gospel

i'm grateful for that brief moment of perspective to prepare me for the coming weeks & months. 
[including the exact following week where i totally freaked out to Adam over the phone.
welcome back old Megan i guess!]

i know life is only going to get crazier. 
but i can choose to have control over my emotions and remember the bigger picture, 
that it will all be okay.

{easier said than done though!}


Unknown said...

Ooh yes. Perspective especially during the holiday season is crucial. Sure it feels like Christmas is the biggest most important thing in life right now, but if you're broke after that's not a good thing!!!

AbsoluteMommy said...

Agreed. I've been taking a break from bloggy land. This time of year is so busy and I didn't want to miss anything! Great post!

Alexis Kaye said...

you're doing awesome Megan :) so happy to be your friend!

Gentri said...

You're amazing. I definitely needed to ear this tonight. Life can feel so hard, and thinking "this will all be good in the long run" is sometimes too much for my little brain. So I constantly need reminders like this. :)

Aubrey said...

After being gone from my house 34 out of the past 48 hours, I definitely needed this. I freak out way way way too much.