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I love stocking stuffers! And not just stocking stuffers that are really just small presents that just fit in the stocking. I like to put in our family stocking little treats, dollar store goodies, and even personal hygiene products. 

It's probably because that's what my parents used to do when were were growing up. Each year in our stocking we would get an orange, an apple, some peanuts, chocolate, an ornament, some kind of small toy, socks, and some kind of hygiene gift like lotion or a new razor or even a toothbrush. 

That seems kind of silly I guess but I love it!
Not only because they are usually things that we actually need, but because it makes those small items more special and exciting! 
{Plus, my parents were more willing to buy that stuff to stock up in the name of Christmas :)}

To make my stocking stuffer obsession easier [much to Adam's chagrin], P&G opened up an eStore with great deals every day!
Some deals they have going on right now are: 
15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
Free Shipping on orders over $25
Free Samples with every order. 

So basically that's awesome. 
And I know what I'll be using those codes for! 

We recently got this awesome  Oral-B toothbrush as a present. 
We really like it though it has taken some time to get used to since we have never used an electric toothbrush before. But it's one of the best toothbrushes out there so we are excited to keep using it! 
We need a few more extra heads though so that's what will be filling our stockings this year 
[since we were too lazy/keep forgetting to buy them during the year... ha!]. 

Also, I think Elijah's stocking might need a few of these Duracell batteries to go with a couple of his toys. :) 

I love that P&G have their own eStore so I can go directly to the source for my make-up, toothbrush, battery, and razor needs and lots more! 
Be sure to check it out and take advantage of the deals going on now.
I'm especially excited for the free samples in every package.... cause if it's not stocking stuffers that I'm obsessed with, it's samples :) 

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Alexis Kaye said...

seriously want that TB, yo