Introduction to Recovery

last May i talked about the evils of pornography addiction.
[here & here]
it has become a huge problem in our society, 
a problem that unfortunately is breaking up families all over. 

thankfully there is help. 
and thankfully, this also includes help for the spouses and families who have been hurt by their loved one's addiction. 

the founders of S.A. Lifeline, an organization that helps people and their families recover from pornography and sexual addictions, has an awesome all-day retreat coming up to help couples who have been impacted by these addictions. 

here is the flyer with information for the retreat:

for those of you who can't make the retreat but are interested in more information, you can visit and/or
to get more information on recovery from pornography and sexual addiction. 
{Rhyll Recovery is focused on individuals who have experience the trauma of a spouse/child/parent with sexual addiction. very very powerful & amazing stuff!}

i hope that this information can help even just one of you get the help that you may be seeking.

::: i have heard Rhyll and Steven Croshaw speak in person and their story is absolutely heartbreaking and inspiring. they are trying to do so much to help others who are going through the same trials and i really admire the work they are doing. a good friend of mine works with their organization, S.A. Lifeline, and asked me to help spread the word about the retreat. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and i can direct you to the right people for help. 

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