the truth: part 2

on Monday, i told you about my new post on the Stronger Marriage blog about pornography addiction.
today, the second half of the post on pornography was published.

this half is called:
The Pornography Problem: Getting Help

it is a message of HOPE to those who struggle with the problem
and the loved ones & spouses who are victims in this horrible disease.

it’s important to remember that not only are those who are addicted to pornography need healing,
but the spouses and other family members who are witnesses to this addiction also need their own healing.
because they are suffering too.

this problem doesn’t just affect the person viewing pornography,
it affects everyone around them!

if you can, please take the time to read this article.

i pray that those who are hurting,
who are sad,
who are just completely devastated because of this disease
{either from their own addictions or because of the addictions of others}
can find some hope & strength in these posts.

you can read the first part here and the second part here.

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