cougars don’t cut corners

4 years ago {yesterday} my Family Home Evening (FHE) group in my young single adult ward made this hilarious video for our ward talent show.

a little background about our group:
in case you didn’t click that link, Family Home Evening (FHE) is something that families hold once a week (usually on Mondays) where they can draw closer together as a family and strengthen their testimonies. since we were in a singles ward and didn’t have a real, traditional family to have FHE each week, they would combine apartments and ask a girl and a boy to be our “mom” and “dad.”

and since we were an awesome FHE group, we decided to make a spoof of The Office
{complete with a wallet stuck in a vending machine}
called The FHE!

there’s a lot of Provo/BYU/Mormon jokes thrown in there {especially about dating & marriage}
but i think it is still really funny even if you don’t live in Provo

so i wanted to share this amazing video with all of you!
and you can see what i was like 4 years ago

a few notes:
i’m supposed to be the Kelly Kapoor character that’s why i’m kind of ridiculous
2. i do in fact know the whole High School Musical dance. and i’m not ashamed. i will dance it for you if you ever want to see it in real life :)
3. yes my hair is super short. and i really miss it.
4. at the end when i say, “i think we’re ready to perform in public,” we all rushed the stage at the talent show and performed the dance in front of our whole ward. cause again,
we are awesome like that!

{i hope it’s as funny to you as i think it is…}


favorite quotes:

Ellen: “Provo is more than just a marriage ground. It’s also about education… and faith… and ethnic restaurants. People forget that. You never see married couples in ethnic restaurants these days.”

Frans: “They have to know who their father is. The purpose of FHE is to prepare us for real families—families in which there is a daddy, a mommy, about 24 kids, in an apartment made for 6. It sets the standard.”

Andrew: “Two Truths and a Lie is the best FHE game EVER! The prototype, if you will. Get this: 1. you learn which girls have done crazy things, and 2. you learn which girls are the best liars—two things I look for in a girl. This may sound strange, but I’ve found that the best liars are also the ones who say they’ve enjoyed my dates the most.”

Megan: “Look! Cougars don’t cut corners. Unless they are chasing deer. Cause deer are fast… but even then, the do it right!”


Laurie said...

Oh, this is my favorite of all time. I was just thinking I need to share it with the YSAs here before we leave. Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

love this! i wish we had a group like this where we live :)

Dorothy said...

number one: I love your short hair. Mmmm.

number two: I love that you know the HSM dance.

number three: I love that I know you and live near you!

:cassia marie: said...

OH MY GOODNESS I HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS IN AGES. hahaha thanks for reminding me! so funny to see how much we've all changed!