a Soda Shoppe surprise party

my friend Jessica (you know her from Sebastian Design) has pretty much been my best friend and savior since we started hanging out this past summer. i honestly can’t even adequately express the appreciation i have for her!

i know for a fact that i wouldn’t be where or who i am today if it wasn’t for Jessica’s friendship and support.
she has constantly believed in me and pushed me to reach my goals.
she is always there to listen to me, encourage me, and celebrate with me.
she is honest, sincere, kind, and loving to everyone!
and she is just an amazing example to me of what it means to be Christ-like and to love one another.

so, obviously i love Jessica a lot :)
and so does my friend Kylie. so we decided we wanted to throw her a surprise party for her birthday
{which is today! stop by her Facebook page and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!}

we decided we wanted to go with a Soda Shoppe/Candy Shoppe theme
and make it very bright & {old-fashioned kinda style}

it turned out so good!!
it was so fun to see Jessica’s reaction when she walked in!
she just kept saying, “what is happening….” over and over.
it was awesome!

here are just a few pictures of the decorations and little details we used to create the candy store atmosphere we wanted:

birthday bannersodassodas 2birthday centerpiece 2birthday centerpiecesundae barcandy bar 

the whole party cost us about $10 + the cost of food
crazy right??

    • i made the “Happy Birthday” banner out of scrapbook paper i already had and i wrote out the letters.
    • for the centerpieces, i had some old soda bottles and i spray painted them white. then Kylie made the pinwheels out of cardstock that we already had as well.
    • [not pictured] we also hung ribbon and tissue pom-poms from the ceiling to make it a little more colorful and fun. we had the tissue and ribbon on hand {ribbon was from Jessica but she didn’t know what for! we were sneaky :)} so it basically didn’t cost anything.

the party was a lot of fun and it was so funny to see Jessica’s reaction.
her husband said she had never had a surprise party before so me and Kylie felt pretty proud of ourselves for being able to help pull it off!



now, i have tons of candy to eat.
anyone want some?


claire said...

awww what a great looking party! the banner is fab! I came over from Gentri's blog, you have a new follower :)

MacKensie said...

How cute! She is lucky to have you too! :)



Ruthie Hart said...

girl first the Mad Hatter Halloween party and now this ADORABLE birthday party. You are so talented! I wish we lived close by! Your friend is so lucky to have you. Love you!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Ummmm...you are seriously overwhelming me today! I hope I live up to be the kind of friend you are to me. You are so, so sweet.

holli h. said...

Mmmm. . . i love me some IBC

... said...

You are a party planning mastermind! :) This is too cute !

B E C K Y said...

Aw-Some! It looked adorable. Great job & Happy Birthday, Jessica.

Lisa said...

what a cute idea!