our Christmas so far {instagram style}

IMG_1874IMG_1882{gingerbread house and puzzle making with Camilla}

IMG_1885{me and Holli sang “What Child Is This?” for the family}

IMG_1881IMG_1902{my mother-in-law’s tree should be in a magazine. freal}
{Elijah opening up his new bike}

we’ve had a really great Christmas break so far
i don’t want to get back to real life…
{thankfully we don’t have to quite yet and we have another week here hanging out in California}

this Christmas i feel a lot more emotional than i have in the past.
maybe it’s because i’ve been a lot more pensive and reflective this year, thinking about the Savior and His life
maybe it’s because after the long year, such love and happiness was a welcome relief
whatever has made these feelings stay close to the surface, i know that i have really felt my Savior’s love and comfort the last few weeks.

my sister-in-law gave me this beautiful picture of the Mesa, Arizona temple {where we were married} and right when i pulled the paper back i started crying.
it seems silly and maybe to others it seems like a pretty superficial reason to get emotional {over a beautiful gift}
but right when i saw that painting it was like a huge beacon of hope to me
like i was cared for and loved beyond all measure
i can’t really explain it.

i’m so grateful for the Christmas season where we can be with family and remember what is really important in our lives
each other.

i hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones!!
wishing you all


Jessica Sebastian said...

Yay! I'm sooo glad you got your picture. Can't wait to see you again :)

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

I too was very pensive this Christmas!! Love your photos and SO grateful to have found your blog!!