am i living in crazy world??


last week, we drove down to Fresno to get a quick dental check-up from Adam’s uncle.
on our way back, there was a cop driving in the lane next to us so Adam decided to be extra cautious to not pass him so we didn’t get a ticket for speeding.

the cop was going really slow so Adam decided what the heck and passed him anyways.
right after he passed him, the cop flashed his lights and pulled us over.

immediately we thought it was for speeding since we ended up passing him but what the cop said next totally surprised us.
you need to go faster, dude!!”

uh…. say whhhaaaatttt????

he told us we were going too slow and were holding up traffic.
and that he clocked us at going only 60 mph in a 65 mph zone
he pulled us over for going

but that’s not even the stupidest part.
the stupidest part is that Adam specifically turned on his cruise control to stay between 65-70 mph.
but the cop said we were going only 60.
“you need to get that think fixed!” was his response when he told us that.

and the other stupid part,
there were no cars behind us being “held up” 
there was a crash a few yards ahead of us when we finally got back on the road that the cop should’ve been taking care of instead of pulling us over for going “too slow”

so so SO stupid.

he only gave us a warning which was good i guess.
we think the real reason he pulled us over was because our license plates were out of state and he wanted a good reason to question us because when he asked for our license and registration, he was all suspicious and saying dumb things.


but oh well, you always need some kind of exciting story to tell while you’re on vacation right??
it makes for a good story i would say.

hope you all have better experiences driving this week!


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Lol that is just insane!! I see people going wayyy under the speed limit ALL the time that never get pulled over. That cop was just being all kinds of ridiculous!!

Other than that..hope your enjoying your vacation!


Jodi Ann said...

How weird! You're probably right about him just wanted to stop you for your out of state license plates...because going 5 miles under or over is not even worth stopping someone. haha! well at least you had an exciting story to share :)

Gentri said...

What the?! That's dumb. Really dumb. I'm sorry.

Chelsea said...

What in the world! That is just plain crazy!

... said...

Oh man! Glad it was just a warning! :) I have gotten out of a few things with just warnings! Ha ha what a great picture!

Aubrey said...

ok.the crazy things cops do never fail to surprise me. seriously.

Alexis Kaye said...

oh my gosh that's so crazy! I've been behind people on the freeway going like 45 and it's so annoying. THAT holds up traffic! I'm glad at least you guys didn't get a ticket!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he had WAY too much free time on his hands. Sorry you had to deal with that!