look, mom!

i’m in the paper!! 

BYU article

the lovely Hayley from The Newlywed Pingrees interviewed me for the school paper about blogging & sponsors.

first of all, what a huge honor!!
Hayley is so amazing to work with and i felt so special that she would ask little ol’ me to help her with an article about blogging. AND she is incredibly patient because i totally spaced setting up a meeting with her one day when Eli was being a little terror.
so thank you thank you Hayley for everything!!

when Hayley told me the paper was published, i looked at it first thing and just couldn’t stop grinning!
i made Adam pick up a copy at school and he said he lovingly talked me up to his friends in class cause he was so proud of me. :)

basically, it was awesome!
thank you again, Hayley, for making it possible!
you will be a GREAT journalist someday!!

you can read the full article here.


:::p.s. i don’t “make bank” at all. in fact, i don’t make any money having sponsors on my sidebar. they are all free sponsor swaps. just to make that clear :)


Anonymous said...

What an honor- Congrats!

Skye McLain said...

That is so awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! Congrats, lady!

Unknown said...

yay for you! Maybe someday you will make bank eh??

GingerPeachT said...

I'm proud of you!! I'm also proud that you don't charge for sponsors yet :-) but maybe soon you should! Lol

Ruthie Hart said...

you're famous!!!!!!! woot woot! Congrats girl!!

Alexis Kaye said...

That's so awesome! you and Ashley are great! Do you want to swap buttons? I'm doing that right now too!

LillysNLollipops said...

That's Awesome! You go girl

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

VERY exciting and cool for you :)

Grace said...

Your blog is so cute, Megan! Also, I know Hayley! We were in the same ward in New York when my family lived there for a couple of years. Small world :)