our Christmas letter

greeting card

i forgot to send out Christmas cards out on time. it has been a crazy couple of weeks.
but to tide our close family and loved ones over, i thought i’d write a little update of what happened in 2011

2011 has been a very exciting and eventful year for our family!
Looking back, we can see how much the Lord has truly blessed us and guided us through every step of the way. 

Adam and Megan graduated from Brigham Young University this last April. Adam is now getting a Master's in Physiology and will be finished in April 2012. He will then most likely be attending Midwestern University Dental School in  in Glendale, AZ. We are excited to hopefully get back the warm weather!

Megan is keeping busy chasing around a very active 20-month-old and finishing her internship with StrongerMarriage.org. She is still trying to get used to being a full-time stay-at-home mom now that she doesn't have to juggle homework with diaper changes, but she is enjoying the time she has to spend with their goofy little boy. 

Elijah is as cute and clever as ever! It is fun to see him learning new things each day. He loves Elmo, slides, suckers, pillows, animals of all sizes and playing with friends.

We wanted to thank all of you for your love, support, and prayers on our behalf this last year!
We love you all so very much!

Adam, Megan, and Elijah Robinson


Jenni Austria Germany said...

love that dress of yours!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Oooo...you look preeeeetty.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Such a beautiful family!

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful family and sound like an eventful year! Cheers!

xo Shane