animal lover: post-edit

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the night before my friend Amy left on her mission, we went over to her {old} house to visit. the neighbors had this cat that kept coming over and Eli LOVED it!!

love isn’t even the right word
he was obsessed with it!

he would want to pet it
and chase it
and hold it
and run after it

the cat was pretty relaxed
but after a while it started running away from Elijah

but Eli was not phased
he just ran as fast as his fat little toddler legs to go
all over the front yard trying to get that cat

it was so cute
and so hilarious!

he’s a budding little animal lover!

{which is not good news for daddy since he kind of hates them}
but that’s why you have mommies

:::p.s.: those pictures aren’t the best but i promise you his face was sheer joy when he saw the cat


first, i didn’t realize i had some pretty bad grammar/misspellings in the first draft… sorry!
::second, E-man now says “kitty” after spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Robinson’s and looking for the cat every morning. it was one of the first things we did everyday. of course the cat ran away…. but he still loved it!! it’s pretty adorable!

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