just hanging out

the other day E-rock and I went to craft day/play group with some women in my church.
all the kids were running around and i looked over to see where the E-man was
and this is how i found him.

photo (39) 
just hanging out
resting his arm up and kicking his feet up on the bench just watching all the kids play

soon after this picture though he went crazy
climbing on the benches,
trying to grab other kids’ bottles
[yes. he still drinks out of bottle. i’m not even going to try and defend myself]
falling on chairs because of trying to grab said bottles
cutting his lip resulting in a fat lip later
trying to steal snacks
and crying because i was holding another baby

needless to say, i didn’t finish my craft that day
but i think it was still a successful crafty play day

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love how he's just chillin...for a minute. I have a snack stealer too. :)