oh yeah we did stuff!

if you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that i’m notorious for posting about holidays super super late!

well this post is no exception.

on May 1st was our 2nd wedding anniversary and Adam was in charge of our date

so he surprised me with dinner at Chef’s Table
[the place i have been bugging him forever to take me to!]


from the first time i drove by the building i’ve been wanting to go in!
i kind of have this {weakness} for super fancy/romantic/beautiful buildings and shops and once i see one i obsess over them for a long time.

this place was no exception!

it is so gorgeous on the outside 
(and at night it is all lit up with white Christmas lights.. it’s a dream!)
and ev.er.y.time! we pass by it i would say,
Adam, i want to go there!!!” 

this happened for our whole dating/engagement/first year of marriage
in fact, i’m pretty sure he would purposely drive by it to make me think we were going to go there for dinner and then laugh when we never stopped…

so finally, he took me!

Picture or Video 352

  Picture or Video 351  

we were VERY excited!


[this is the part where i feel bad that i didn’t blog this earlier]
Adam had me keep note of all the different courses and things they did so that i could write it down and remember our wonderful time.

but i only remembered to write down 2 things….
-lemon sorbet
-asiago cheese bread
though i did take pictures
i just don’t remember the names for everything.

so now i feel bad that i’m really lame and didn’t write this post earlier since Adam kept saying over and over,
“you can talk about this on your blog!”
“you can show people the cool dishes!”
“you should tell them how they gave us lemon sorbet first!”
because he knew i was going to talk about it so he gave me lots of pointers.

and then i forgot.
oh well.


so here’s what i do remember of the beautiful place.

as a beginning refreshment they brought up lemon sorbet
and it was wonderful!

then they brought out asiago cheese bread
which was delectable! 

we were so excited for everything that i’m pretty sure the waiters thought we were nuts!

then i got my beautiful salad!   
Picture or Video 354

it was too pretty to be a salad.
and it was very very good!

then on to our main courses:

chicken for me

Picture or Video 357 
[cool huh!?!]
those crazy waffle things were some kind of potato chips!
sticking out of the fancy mashed potatoes

i was totally PHASED!

and shrimp scampi for Adam

Picture or Video 358

and we shared glazed carrots
[or something like that]

it was a total success!!

and we totally kept it cheap which was a total {plus!}

i seriously want to go again
and looking at those pictures of the gorgeous dishes is making me want to go even more

and as you can tell by the excitement in this post
we don’t get out much
especially to fancy shmancy restaurants

so it was a huge highlight in my life to eat works of art-like dishes

perfect way to spend our 2nd anniversary
i was a happy girl


GingerPeachT said...

You guys are so cute!! That looks like a beautiful place!!! And those waffle fries looking things were so sweet! Lol
Thanks for sharing and tell your hubby that he's awesome for thinking of you to share this on your blog ;-)

holli h. said...

ooh la la! i have heard that place is super fancy and super TASTY!! I wanna go!! maybe jacob will take us for our 2nd anniversary :)

Gentri said...

I've eaten there once and it was a long time ago so I don't even remember it. Boo. So glad you got to celebrate your anniversary there! :)

Unknown said...

we went there for valentine's day and it was fabulous. we're both fancy delicious restaurant kind of people, so we went all out when eating there. haha

you guys looked so cute!! =)

Angie Milne said...

yummm! happy anniversary :)

Whitney said...

Mmmm. I love Chef's Table. I begged Dan to take me back, but we didn't make it before we left. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. I'm going to be thinking about it all day now! Maybe even all month.