so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

we said goodbye to our very good friends/cousins, Jonathan & Alyson yesterday

i may have cried many times this weekend leading up to the final goodbye

we helped them pack, moved some of their things to our apartment to store and sent them off with lots of hugs and a huge bag full of cookies, chocolate, and red vines
enough for an 8-month pregnant woman driving 15 hours across the country.

since Jonathan and Alyson have been married and moved just a few doors down from us, we did everything together.
we would have spontaneous dinner parties, watched countless movies, watched BYU football and basketball games, lots and lots game nights, lots and lots of eating, set off fireworks, helped welcome our new baby home, and became obsessed with the Bachelorette together.

Jonathan is Adam’s cousin and his partner in crime along with his other cousins since they were wee babies. they’ve blown stuff up, started forest fires, invented BLG, played video/computer games for hours on end, blown stuff up, “sold” security systems in obscure towns in the Midwest, watched every movie ever made & can quote them, and blown stuff up.

[Adam, Jonathan, Brandon, 2007]

Brandon left us last summer, and now it’s Jonathan’s turn to leave. so now all Adam’s got is me… and i don’t really blow stuff up.
so he’s already going through withdrawals.

Alyson was my next door neighbor when i lived in Illinois and one of my first friends when i moved. i moved in the middle of my junior year of high school. it was already a really hard transition, leaving friends i had known all my life, and it was even harder when i found that i didn’t get along with a lot of the girls in my ward. granted, i was pretty bitter about the move and it flung me into a huge funk. i remember calling my friend Holli often crying about how much i hated the place and wish i could be in Arizona again.

enter Alyson.

me and alyson 
[i love this picture! Alyson came to visit my freshman year of college. things to note: of course Alyson’s wearing my sweater, Alyson is always eating, i’m pretty sure i’m wearing something of Alyson’s, Alyson is really pretty, oh yeah i dyed my hair brown once and Adam hates it, we’re super cheesy]

Alyson was so sweet and kind to me and always made me feel welcome. she didn’t ever make me feel like i was nuisance and loved hearing my stories from back home {or at least acted like it}. she wanted to be my friend and did everything she could to make me feel like i was just as much a part of the ward as those who had been there their whole life. she even went as far as to stick up for me [many times] to other girls (she of course told me this later, i didn’t know it at the time).
i will forever be grateful to Alyson for the love and compassion she showed to me when i felt so alone

and now she’s having her own little baby that i’m not going to see for a while…which makes me cry. but  it’s pretty cool we’re related now.  so i know i’ll get to see her and her baby soon!
{family reunion 2012?!}

thanks for being our very best friends

so long, farewell
auf weidersehen, goodbye

:::p.s. Alyson and Jon love Sound of Music just like us. so it was only fitting to use that song :)


kristen said...

I didnt know you guys were related! lol

GingerPeachT said...

Ugh don't you just hate it when people move!!! I lived in fl my whole life until I got married and moved out here in the swamp. I miss my friends sooo much. Comes with the territory of marrying into the military I suppose!!

I hope you find a new buddy soon!!

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

It's so hard when people move! The nice thing about the church you know you can have friends everywhere :)

Alyson Malan said...

I just read your post and it was so so so super sweet!! Im going to miss you guys more than words can describe! I feel like Im not going to be able to see the little man grow up and start talking and all, I guess there are always pictures, and we MUST visit each other often! (Family reunion is a must). Jonathan is already going through withdrawls without having Adam around to entertain him. With no TV or internet till monday were left sitting around staring at each other it feels like :) It's nice to know we will have life long friends/Cousins to visit and have fun with! (When our husbands have real careers we should go to disneyworld together. Just a thought :)Anyways we LOVE YOU and miss you three already.