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please welcome a new sponsor this month,
Rach from
So, Hi!



her blog is so fun, quirky, lovely, inspiration and she’s only in high school!!
high school folks!
isn’t she amazing?!

basically i wish i was as cool as her when i was in high school…. but i wasn’t. so moving on.

here’s a little bit about, Rach

Where are you from?
I am from a super duper small Midwest town in the middle of no where, there are cornfields and windmills. Stereotypical midwest. It's super boring, but I am thankful to be brought up in a small town, I can see that my values were morphed because of this. And everyone is always looking out for everyone else, and I think that that is a great thing. But, if you read my blog...you'd see that I'm a city-girl just waiting to break out. ;)
{Holla Midwest!!!}

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. I am a high school senior this year, yes, young...but i'm very wise for my age people tell me. I am planning on going off to school to major in Speech Pathology. I am intrigued on how you can help people from 1-101 with just one job. :)
2. I am a fashionista/beautista/makeupista. I am just interested in making everyone look hot...the right way. 
3. I have a cat, and her name is Big Mama. Why? Because she is too big to be called Little Mama. 
4. I love my life, and I never let anything get me down. I know that I have a good life and I plan to take advantage of that as long as I can.
5. I have a crazy family, I am also in love with an amazing guy whom I have been with for 3 years, and my best friend is baller.

What is your blog and how did you get started?
My blog is of a wide variety because my interests are of a wide variety. It's primarily a beauty/lifestyle blog with randomness thrown in like advice, food, and just the adventures of a spunky high school senior. 
I actually got a blogger account back when I was in 8th grade...for no really reason actually. I think I did like 3 pointless posts and stopped. I really started my blogging adventure last October probably, I just felt like I had so many idea's that I wanted to share with people and I just loved showing everyone my idea's and tips. I also kind of wanted some of the girls at my high school to get a wake-up call about looking like a clown with all of that make-up put on wrong. ;)

wonderfully wonderful girl!!


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