he’s like a LION!

Picture or Video 360

do you see that huge gash missing from that ball?

Elijah did that.

do you know when he did that??

approximately 12 minutes after he got it

he’s not allowed to play with it anymore since all he does is rip it to pieces with his {5} chompers

he was really mad about that
but it’s the only thing we can do to avoid little orange foam pieces all over our house

little MONSTER!


holli h. said...

isn't it shark week on discovery channel??? ahaha. E knows what is up.

LindseyEveryday said...

Hahahaha so cute! He looks thoroughly pissed that you took it from him though!

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Lauren and Jason said...

Nice. That's really funny!

Jan said...

The photo of the football is very familiar. My son was 18-months. We had just gotten a football for him and 10 minutes after giving it to him (he WAS playing so nicely with it during our drive) and all of a sudden, I turn around and his football looked just like Elijah's. *sigh*