i’ll get to it

i really want to post about our 2 week trip
Adam has a bunch of pictures on his phone  and i’m kind of anal and want to have all the pictures posted at once

so in the meantime i thought i’d show you what Eli has been up to lately

photo (71)

no good that’s what!

he figured out how to get into the movies and now our little apartment is in constant disarray

i was honestly fine with it until he figured out how to actually open the cases and get to the discs inside. now, i’m just waiting for a disc to crack. like our wedding video or wedding pictures…..
[which you can see is one of the cases on the right]

time for stronger childproofing!


Gentri said...

Oh no! Save the important ones! My nephew used to loooooove doing this.

ashlyn | nicole said...

you know what.. i feel the same way! but i went ahead & posted some pictures from vegas, or else i will get so behind & won't do it!

Can't wait to see your pictures!!! :] & i will be getting you the sponsor stuff!!!