because his sad faces are too good not to share

photo (46)photo (47) photo (45)

i’m going to be honest and tell you i was laughing during these pictures
{adding to my awesomeness as a mother}

but i also had no idea what he was crying about 
i think he wanted something that we wouldn’t let him have
{of course}
and he pulls these faces at us.

he’s getting reeeeaaaaalllll good at it!


Gentri said...

Hahaha! Aw! Sometimes I hate the sound of babies crying because it's so sad! But when theyre just being silly about it, you can't help but laugh!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

LOL. Awww, he'll think it's funny, too. In a few hundred years.

Unknown said...

i laugh at zak all the time when he cries. and sometimes feel like a jerk, buuut not all the time. haha. eli has some good pouty faces though. love the babies. =)

Blair said...

His sad faces are so dang cute! I miss that little man.

Ana Paula said...

LOL. One of my favorite pictures of my daughter is her first encounter with Santa. She was 2 and she totally freaked out when she saw him! Still, we took a picture of her on his lap. Haha! :P


Ana Paula

Anonymous said...

adorable! :)