new Stronger Marriage post(s)

i’ve kind of dropped the ball on updating about new Stronger Marriage Blog posts

so there are now TWO new posts that you should check out!

first: Is Waiting to Have Sex a Fairy-Tale? It’s about current research that shows maybe waiting until marriage to have sex might actually increase overall satisfaction in marriage! Never would have guessed it huh??? READ IT to learn more!

second: What Happened to Dating? More and more people aren’t going on dates anymore but instead have fallen prey to the “hanging out” trap. Even couples, dating & married, could use some help with date ideas! So check out this post to find out cheap and fun date ideas and this weekend take your partner out for some FUN!

and tell me your own thoughts/ideas/questions in the comments!

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Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I think people are missing out if they don't go on dates - it becomes far too easy to fall in to the 'friend trap'! Am off to read your post now :)
Btw, it's my first time on your blog, so hi!