big boy!

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Elijah Rock Update:

  • little E is 15 1/2 months old now!! can you believe it?? i can’t. it makes me sad…
  • he weighs about 24 pounds and is in the 75 percentile for height
    big boy
  • he says dada, mama, shoes, & cheese. you know, the important things. actually shoes and cheese sound very similar but he will either go to the fridge or go get his shoes so you know what he’s talking about. to be honest, i don’t really know what his first word is. does that make me a {terrible} mom?? probably… he’s been saying dada & mama for a while but he never seemed like he actually knew what those meant so i didn’t count it as his first words. now that i look back i guess they really were his first words. [good one mom]
  • i’ve also been teaching him some sign language and he has been catching on a little bit. he can sign please, milk, & {kind of} thank you. i’m still working on him signing the words more, drink, & eat [real important things]
  • he LOVES cheese (as you can tell since that was his first third word)
  • he also is a total beggar. {as seen here} so he hasn’t grown out of that. no matter how much you feed him, once you start eating something he comes straight to you and starts whining for a bite
  • being outside is his greatest joy! too bad he has a lazy mom that doesn’t want to make the long trek down the stairs to take him out. i know. i’m super awesome. please don’t remind me lest i get cocky
    [please note i’m totally sarcastic right now.]
    [did i use lest right?]
  • Mr. E is super super super mobile and fast! he’s the most mobilest and fastest baby in town. it makes for long days…. and also leads to not going outside often lest he runs far away and i have to chase him [laaaazzzzzyyyyyy]
  • crazy E LOVES swimming!! in fact, during baths he turns the bathtub into a pool and tries to swim in it.
  • he gives lots of kisses and will give them 10 times in a row trading off between me and adam. if he gives me a kiss, he has to go give adam a kiss too. and back and forth and back and forth…. we love it! please don’t grow out of that
  • it’s amazing to me how smart he has become and how quick he catches on to things. he’s got the brains from me obviously :) [har, har, har….]
  • some of our his favorite tricks are: waves, high fives, blows kisses {well, half of it}, finds his nose, &  puts his arms up for “Superbaby,”




GingerPeachT said...

Awww! I love his name!! How did you decide on it?

Cheese is quite possibly the most awesome food ever. It also doesn't agree with my hubby with his lactose intolerance...yikes.

holli h. said...

i love his growl. my personal E-fav.

Gentri said...

He is so stinkin cute!! :) happy 15 months to Mr. E!