flashback friday: Hannah Montana

so i’ve actually had this little blog of mine for 4 years!
{crazy right??}
i started it when i was a sophomore in college and used it to document all my adventures as a crazy, young, carefree, college student.

i’m pretty sure no one read my posts way far back
which is a shame because some of those old posts are blogging gold!!
seriously. i used to be pretty hilarious.

so i thought it would be fun to highlight some things i did in the past that are worth remembering every now and then. at least for me, it’s been fun to go back through some old posts and remember some pretty hilarious times.

like seeing Hanna Montana: The Best Of Both Worlds 3D concert
and dressing up like Hanna Montana and Miley Cirus of course!

hannah montana 1hannah montana 2hannah montana 4   hannah montana 3

[here’s what i wrote about seeing the Hannah Montana movie back in 2008]

this is how COOL we are.  

this was basically the best movie ever. {mostly} and i'm so glad me and Amy went.
this is why we're roommates and best friends. cause we're this RIDICULOUS. and i'm pretty sure everyone that saw us agreed.

but its ok.
we danced in the aisles, sang all the songs, and debated what kind of scandal young Miley would find herself in when she gets older. we decided since people are into drugs and alcohol these days, she would definitely stay away from that and probably have an eating disorder and some affair with her guitarist.
just wait.

but for the mean time.....


so we pretty much predicted Miley’s future scandalous affair years before it happened.
it’s a gift, truly.

i hope you had as much as fun as i did seeing this little flashback!!
and hopefully you still have some respect for me even though i dressed up as Hannah Montana with the official plastic wig and all

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

haha! i love it and the outfit!

Jessica Sebastian said...

You are such a nerd! I LOVE it!

holli h. said...

Ammmmmyyyyyyy. i remember those days.

Emma Frances said...

I love this! :] You are a pretty cool person! Haha. And flashbacks are always fun/funny!

Ruthie Hart said...


Jaye said...

I love it!!!!lol

... said...

Ha ha ha ..oh my gosh....this is so fun!! You're cute!

Tiffany said...

Bahaha, that's hilarious!!