Thanksgiving recap

we spent Thanksgiving with Adam’s aunt & her family and with Holli & Jacob.
it was WONDERFUL!!!

we had such a good time with such amazing company and incredible food.
one of the best Thanksgiving meals i’ve ever had.

i love Adam’s family more than i can adequately express.
his aunt and uncle have made me feel welcome & loved ever since the day i met them at my first Robinson Thanksgiving 4 years ago.
they are the most genuinely nice & caring people you will ever meet.
and as always, they made me and my little family feel extra special as we spent the holiday with them.


[it’s blurry.. but that’s pure glee on his face!]


for Elijah, Thanksgiving was a day straight from his dreams.
they pulled out all their old toys for Elijah to play with including an awesome rocking horse which Elijah was obsessed with.
they also had chickens in their backyard that Elijah loved chasing after.
and of course their sweet dog kept him busy for a good amount of time.

everyone loved on him and spoiled him and played with him the whole night.
he got so much attention i’m sure coming home was a disappointment.

later that night, we went to our good friend’s house, the Willes, to visit and eat more pie.
Elijah skipped the pie and went straight for the whip cream eating two plates full of the stuff.
he could’ve kept eating but we had to finally cut him off.

IMG_1688 IMG_1689

all in all, it was a pretty awesome Thanksgiving i would say.
one we’ll treasure for years to come i’m sure.

hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


Emma Frances said...

It sounds like it really was perfect! And my grandparents had one of those rocking horses growing up and every single one of us LOVED it! :] I love his look of pure glee!! What an adorable boy!

Marli said...

yay! so glad y'all had such a great and fun time! our thanksgiving was wonderful...spent with grandparents and the cuzzes. ;D

Gentri said...

hahaha! Silly Elijah. :) My neighbors totally had that same rocking horse. I loved it.

Alisha said...

Aww, sounds like a great Thanksgiving! Your sweet boy is just darling. I think my grandma had that exact same rocking horse when I was growing up haha!

Happy weekend girly!

holli h. said...

hey we were there too!

Anonymous said...

Elijah is so cute! :) Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving, friend.

... said...

What a fun Thanksgiving..and such a blessing to have such a sweet new family! :)

Kate said...

Have I ever told you how precious E is? I want to just pinch those cheeks!

Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend ;0)
Claire xox