Leslie Blake Magazine


so basically i’m completely freaking out right now.
i don’t even really know how to process this much excitement.

let me start from the beginning,
a few days ago, i received an email from the editor of Leslie Blake Magazine [an online magazine that talks about fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and more] asking me if i would be interested in writing an article for newlyweds to be published in their wedding issue to be published in a couple of days.

uh, yeah i would!!

it was all done really fast and all seemed so surreal.
and then this morning i received an email saying,
“the magazine was published!” 

like i said, i am seriously freaking out.

you can read my article called “Why Isn’t My Marriage Like the Movies?” on pg. 39 of the Leslie Blake Magazine  AND view my picture on pg. 21 on the contributor’s page.

i feel so incredibly blessed!
this has been a total dream of mine for years and the fact that i was able to be featured in a magazine is just amazing.
i know it is all because of the Lord and He has truly been blessing me and my family!

please check it out here and tell me what you think!


Ashley said...

Congrats! Great article! I know I went into my marriage with unrealistic expectations. Marriage is hard work and anyone who says it isn't is lying! :)

Katie said...

NIce Job! That is awesome!

Gentri said...

Congratulations Megan!!! You deserve all the best! I'm so happy for you!

Sue said...

I really liked your article. I feel like I had pretty realistic expectations when I got married only because we'd spent our entire engagement apart and all we could do was TALK. Most people don't spend that much time talking before the wedding.

Congrats on being published- that is a huge accomplishment!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I am so incredibly happy for you!! That is really amazing!! Congratulations times a million!!!

Aubrey said...

Congrats! That is seriously so exciting.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! How exciting girl?! Congrats! :)

annaaainafairytalee. said...

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I also have another blog that is slightly older and I post, now mostly original poetry or how my day was, or scenes/chapters from play's/books of my original work. I would appreciate your feedback on whether you my poetry/writing is any good.

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Fond Regards,

Laura said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Tam said...

I don't know you, but I'm really happy for you, how incredibly exciting!!!

Alexis Kaye said...

I'm at work and the magazine goes full screen so i can't read it very decretely so i'll have to go back and read it! but congrats girl!!! I am so so so excited fro you!!! You deserve it more than anyone :)

Denise said...

Holy crap how cool is this?? You famous girl you :)

Franchesca said...

Megan I am SO proud of you!!!! I read the entire article and found myself agreeing with everything you had to say. God is using your words & wisdom to help others and that is so amazing!!!! Congrats lovely lady xxxx