The Weird Sisters

the weird sisters

well, BlogHer Book Club did it again and picked a great book to review!

“The Weird Sisters” is about 3 sisters who don’t quite get along. And even though they all went off to go for their dreams, they each end up back in the same small town because of their mother’s illness.

there were many things i loved about this book:

1. Eleanor Brown effortlessly weaves in excerpts from Shakespeare in the characters’ everyday conversation. it was so creative and made me feel really smart when i recognized which story it was from. i love when authors draw on history and literature in their own stories!

2. the narrarator of the story is made to be the voice of all three sisters collectively. again, i thought it was really creative and made the story more interesting and easier to read. i liked having one voice telling the whole story instead of switching back and forth between all three perspectives. instead it was consistent and clear the whole time.

and 3. i loved this book because you could find yourself in each of the sisters. {not that everyone is promiscuous or likes to smoke pot…} the point is the feelings & insecurities each of the sisters have that influences their choices are very relatable to how we all experience life.

i know i have said this about a lot of the BlogHer Book Club books, but i really did extremely enjoy this book and am so happy to add it to my collection.

if you love Shakespeare {or even if you don’t}
and you have sisters {or even if you don’t}
and you grew up in a small town {or even if you didn’t},
i highly recommend this book for you to check out soon!!

[and if you do read it, i’m curious: which sister would you be?]

This was a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


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Unknown said...

thank you for the review! i am always looking for something new to read :) i might need to purchase this!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the review. I really, really need a new good book to read.

Afton LeSueur said...

Ah man, I thought this was going to be harry potter fan fiction.