[my goofy glasses]

i have had to wear eyeglasses since the 3rd or 4th grade.
at first, i really wanted them because my sisters had them. i thought they made me look so grown up and pretty.
uh, yeah.. pretty?? don’t know what i was thinking there.

but then after having to wear them forever {and wearing them right now as i type this}, i realized how incredibly dorky and ugly glasses can be.
let’s just say, i went through a really really LONG awkward stage and my glasses DID NOT help me!

and not only did my eyeglasses perpetuate my never ending awkwardness, they also weren’t cheap!
so if i broke a pair i was either stuck with them taped or having to settle for some goofy cheap pair for a while.
which currently is the case so i hardly wear my glasses in public.

but then, it seems the glasses predicament has changed.

image002_1 has really cute AND affordable eyeglasses for men and women!
they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

you can order glasses online easily with lots of different options and great customer service reps if you need help.
what is also great about is that you can afford different pairs of glasses for different occasions without breaking the bank.

for a glasses wearer like me, it’s nice to know that there is help to make glasses fun and affordable again!

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happy glasses wearing!!
remember, it’s cool to be four-eyes

IMG_1062 IMG_1063

you can see how the glasses look yourself with this cool new virtual mirror!! it allows you try it on and test out different looks of the glasses. pretty neat, huh?!


Bekah said...

LOVE your glasses! I wish I could pull them off, but I can't :( Big framed glasses make me look cross eyed!! Thanks for following!! Excited to get to know you better!!


You have a colorful blog,I enjoy the post of your glass flower making,seems so much fun..really!
well thanks for the follow,I am following back!
All the best!

Denise said...

Oh. My. Goodness. SO cute!!

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Those glasses are so cute (on you and the babe)!! Loving your blog by the way!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

cute post! love it! and love the glasses!

Mariel Torres said...

Cute! Loving your glasses doll :)