Saturday Favorites

day 12day 12.3[jeans: Forever 21 on clearance, top: a gift from Macy’s, boots, blazer & belt: thrifted] 

is the 30x30 under $30 challenge getting old?
are you guys sick of it?
or do you want more (posted more frequently)?
or not care either way?
let me know!
i love doing it but i know i can be more consistent about posting more often.
but if no one else cares about it then i won’t worry about it anymore :)

but this outfit though, i love!
i love the patterns and simplicity of it especially with fighting a crazy toddler most places i go.
i can still feel cute and put together while being a mom on duty!

and that top has become one of my very favorites!
my mother-in-law gave it to me and i absolutely love it.
i love the color, the texture, the pattern.
and i have found it to be very versatile during this whole challenge!
love when i have clothing like that!

and now:
here’s my favorite links from this week!

this post by Tricia made my own mama heart fill with such love for my own growing toddler!
yes, Elijah is totally insane most of the time but i realize how much time goes by so fast and i am going to miss his craziness in a few years. Tricia described all the feelings we moms go through as we see our little ones grow up. i love her for putting into words something that i’m not always good at!

Along For the Ride

i loved Laura’s Journaling Through January series she wrapped up a little while ago! i am pretty much the most horrible journal keeper and i never can keep it going. i always feel like i just have too much to say!
{as you guys have witnessed i’m sure!}
but her journaling prompts are really helpful to just get started and write down the little things to help you remember from years to come. so awesome!! this is definitely going to help me be better! i plan on printing off her prompts and keeping them in my journal to follow along :)


C.Jane is one of the most beautiful, amazing, talented writers i know! she is the reason i started to blog in the first place and open up to the blogging world. she recently did a series about her 5 Loves that was simply amazing. i was in tears in almost she has a way of writing that we can all relate to and probably have all experienced similar things. if you haven’t read her 5 Loves posts, you are seriously doing a disservice to yourself. i think they are some of her best posts ever!! go read them now!

i posted about this in my Blogger Gift Exchange post but it’s worth mentioning again. you HAVE to check out Michelle’s Up-Cycling Sweater posts! i am about to go to the D.I. right now and find some old sweater i can use to make those awesome skirts!

i would love this print from CCY Designs to put in the nursery some day! i have this big dream to have a collage of pictures and sayings on the wall in Elijah’s room. this one would fit so perfectly! love all her prints

another amazing post by Alexis and one i truly needed today. i have had very similar feelings that she talks about but unfortunately didn’t remember the Lord until i had reached a very very low point. i love her message and it is something i need to remember every time i get stressed and overwhelmed. He truly does care!

and there’s lots of new necklaces in the Rhi’s Designs shop!! my sister created some beautiful new necklaces and posted them so be sure to check them out! seriously, she is AMAZING!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Marli said...

i love, l-o-v-e, LOVE your outfit!!! it is so adorable!


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

You look fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the shout out love!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is so gorgeous and I love all your 30x30 under $30 posts! It would be awesome if you did more :)

Say x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out, sweetie. :) Also, I LOVE your sister's designs! Gorgeous!

Gentri said...

Miss Megan, please stop worrying about bloggers not enjoying your 30 for 30 under 30 challenge! We all love it!

your biggest fan