how we celebrated George Washington

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we celebrated President’s Day the most American way possible:
being lazy, going shopping, eating sushi & junk food, and pretending we can actually afford expensive things.

the American dream!

it was actually a really fun day with the little family!
i have been trying to soak up as much family time as possible when Adam has any free time since he is at school so much right now {12 hours}. and it is only going to get busier.
so me and Elijah totally monopolized Adam’s attention as much as possible instead of letting him study this weekend. hopefully he’ll still do well on his test… but i know that Elijah and i will appreciate the time Adam spends with us doing the little things forever!

and we really didn’t do much at all. just knocked off a few to-do’s:
go to Costco {best sushi!} and go to Lowe’s to try and start a little herb garden.

by the way, going to home improvement stores is pretty much one of my most favorite things to do ever!
i love walking around and picking out things that i want my future house to have.
it won’t be for a long long long while but it’s fun to dream!

Elijah loved it too!
we went to look at all the lights and he couldn’t stop staring.
he had on this cheesy grin the whole time just in awe.
he actually cried when we had to move on to a different part of the store.
seriously. he threw a fit because he couldn’t look at the light anymore!
guess that will become a more frequent field trip for him when we need to get out of the house.

and don’t let that picture of him passed out in the car fool you!
he slept for 10 minutes and then when we got home was running around until he finally crashed for his first nap at 5:00pm. crazy kid!

even though we didn’t really do anything extravagant for our three-day weekend, it was still honestly one of the best days i had with Adam.
i love being able to spend time together no matter what it is.
and i realized that while it would be fun to go on a trip or spend lots of money on some BIG memory, it’s the accumulation of little memories that makes life worth living.

i know i get jealous a lot when other people get to go out and do fun and crazy things.
sometimes i feel really trapped because of finances and the fact that we have a little kid which limits our options.
i know Adam has heard me cry many many times over what i felt like were “missed opportunities” and not being satisfied with what we have right now.

but yesterday it just kind of hit me.
so we just went to Lowe’s instead of going to a cabin for the weekend.
so we just have our tiny apartment and don’t even have a balcony for a garden.
so we don’t have a lot of extra funds to go out to eat at a real sushi restaurant.
yes it would be nice to have all those things
and i’m sure there will still be those times where i wish i did have all those things.
but i can make the best out of my situation now!

i can be happy.
i can find the joy in the little things around me.
i can appreciate the time i have to spend with my husband just lounging around eating root beer floats.
i can find happiness in seeing Elijah discover this world that i forget is wonderful sometimes.
i can show love in small, every day gestures.
i can learn to truly be happy with my life.

i feel like this post is a lot of rambling. and i really don’t even know where i’m going with it.
just a big jumble of thoughts i guess.
that is something i definitely love about having a blog, being able to get out my thoughts and write down my memories so i can look back on it when i need a reminder.
and having a blog has also really helped me appreciate the small moments in my life more.
a lesson i definitely have needed to learn this past year!


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holli h. said...

suuuuussssshhhhhiiiiiii. now i need to go back to costco. looks like you guys had a fun weekend :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I think wealth and what you have is all a matter of perspective. To a single mom of 4 kids your humble weekend looks like something from a fairy tale! I think the best thing we can do is to cherish the life we have :) It sounds like you did that this weekend and I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend! Also, me and my mister love costco! It's one of our favorite dates! We go for their pizza and hot dogs in the cafe. so good. :)

Unknown said...

sometimes i feel like that too. we're the only first years here who have a kid so all of our friends have their wife working while the husband goes to school, and their philosophy is that their loans pay for school and their wife's money pays for them to have fun. so unlike us, they are doing fabulous things during dental school like eating out every night and going to hawaii etc etc.

but let's be honest, i'd rather not work. so i get over their new clothes and vacations and decide i'd rather hang out all day with our friends, eat lunch at costco, take naps and watch movies, because that is what being a stay at home mom really is right? =)