Saturday Favorites

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[ shirt, blazer, and shoes: thrifted, scarf: gift, pants: Forever 21 clearance]

i seriously really suck at posting pictures for my 30x30x under $30 challenge.
so sorry for the random updates every now and then!

i don’t really know how i feel about this outfit… i think i should’ve either just worn the blazer or just worn the scarf. but both together i think looks weird. thoughts??

i am really glad i did the challenge though.
it has really helped me see my closet in a whole new light. as in, i actually have clothes to wear and can make lots of different outfits from.
i think it’s a good challenge for everyone to do to kind of reboot their closet in a way.

okay now on to my favorite links this week!

i thought i’d keep with the Marriage Week theme and share some links to websites that help promote marriage and relationships!

first, i have to give a shout out to! if you haven’t visited their website before, they have tons of great articles to help strengthen your relationships not matter what stage you are in [dating, engaged, married with or without kids, re-marriage, and so on] They are a great resource and also have free online classes and surveys to help you in your relationship.

next, Lindsey Orton Photography has teamed up with some other wedding vendors to portray Disney Princess Brides.  her pictures are absolutely stunning!! so far they’ve done Jasmine, Snow White, and Pocahontas. her work is amazing and i love to see their rendition of what each princess would look like if they were getting married. you seriously need to check it out!

another great website for couples is i love how they tie in entertainment couple news with real-life stories and quizzes. it’s a great website to check out and browse when you get the chance.

if you are still looking for a Valentine’s gift, you should look at Skye’s shop and her beautiful designs. i want this really really bad. and i’m excited to be getting my own subway art print soon!

if you didn’t see my below post, i was featured in Leslie Blake Magazine’s wedding issue sharing some advice to newlywed couples. basically it’s an incredible dream come true and i feel so blessed that they included me!
my article is on pg. 39 of this month’s issue.

Lelaini over at Soleil Solene is also celebrating Marriage Week and i have really enjoyed reading her insights about marriage and hearing her personal stories. 

my friend is needing help with another survey for married couples. if you are married and have a few minutes, could you please take the time to take his survey??
you can find it here.


i love Mary Kate’s post about marriage and how her and her husband keep their relationship healthy. and aren’t her wedding pictures beautiful!!

and okay so this isn’t about marriage but this post by Cassie made me cry so i had to highlight it. especially when i read it right before Elijah woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to be for over an hour. and then he broke one of our glass bowls today and smashed his crackers into fine little crumbs all over our floor…. yeah. i definitely needed that reminder! please read it and be prepared to want to go hug and squish your baby all day.

i hope you are all having a great weekend!!
and getting an early start to your Valentine’s Day!


::: p.s. please remember to take this survey for my cousin and be entered to win a prize! and if you’re not surveyed out, please please also take this one. thanks!!


Alexis Kaye said...

Those princess brides are seriously insane!!!! And I like your outfit! :) I don't think it's weird! I hope your week was alright! Just shoot me and e-mail if I need to kick anyone in the shins.

Aubrey said...

The scarf and blazer are the perfect combo. I always love adding one more pop of color to my outfit.

skye @ neathering our fest said...

thank you for the shout out lovely lady! :)