gratitude: by Skye

February 7th to 14th is National Marriage Week. to celebrate, some of my favorite bloggers and i will be sharing some our thoughts and stories about marriage to help encourage you to strengthen your own relationships. i hope these posts will help you nurture your own relationship and rekindle the love you have for one another.

i love Skye’s post!!
{well, i have honestly loved all the guest posts so far!}
but i definitely definitely needed to also be reminded by Skye’s post.
i hope you appreciate it as well!

this is my husband and me.

i know - we are like so cute and adorable, right? ;)

i tell people we literally met purely by chance at a housewarming party. he was a friend of a friend of a friend who decided at the last minute to come. but i'm pretty sure God was all over that.

we are quite literally the yin to each other's yang. he is disorganized and i'm a neat freak. he likes to keep stuff and i am a minimalist. he reminds me every day how lucky i am to be married to him and i thank God every day for sending him to me.

one thing we do that has been awesome at keeping the love a-goin in our marriage is to never take the other person for granted. i try to tell chris "thank you" a million times a day for even the littlest things that he knows are kind of his duty. like taking out the garbage. or folding a load of clothes. i never want him to resent me and be thinking "gosh i do all this stuff every day and she doesn't even notice!" none of that! so i just try to always say thanks thanks thanks every single chance i get!


so simple yet so profound!
i have realized one too many times how i don’t take the time to tell Adam thank you for even the little things.
he works so incredibly hard for his family, going to school and work for almost 12 hours most days.
he stresses over his research and grades and figuring out financial aid so that he can know that he will be able to provide for me and Elijah. and what do i do once he comes home?? complain that Eli has been insane and i need a break and he should change diapers for the rest of the night.
yeah. not so good.
but after reading Skye’s post, i realize that gratitude is very much essential for relationships to be healthy!!

maybe you guys are all way better than me at showing your gratitude, but if you forget sometimes too than hopefully Skye’s post was a gentle reminder to show your loved ones how much you truly appreciate them!

and be sure to check out Skye’s blog and shop for more inspiration!


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Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Love this & it's so true!! :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

Def a great reminder! I'll def start feeling resentful for spending so much time in the kitchen and then not thank my hubs for washing the dishes- but I'm glad we always talk these things over. Being appreciative really can never happen enough in relationships.