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[shirt & pants: Forever 21 on sale forever ago, blazer: thrifted, shoes: Target on sale, necklace: c/o CCY Designs]
i thought i’d do a 30x30 under 30 update along with the post. you know, kill two birds with one stone style.

at the beginning of this week i was nervous that i wouldn't have enough to say about simplifying my life.
now, i'm afraid i have too much to say and i'm sad to see that this week is already over!
but don't worry, i'll probably still talk about it some more from time to time.

lately i've realized how much my life is completely filled with distractions.
even blogging.
it's kind of disturbing when i really think about all the different things that take up my time that are really unnecessary.

besides the computer {which is kind of obvious for everyone, really} my phone is maybe-not-quite-so-surprisingly one of my biggest distractions.
i am constantly checking emails and facebook and twitter and instagram and google reader and playing boggle and monopoly...
i mean really, it's ridiculous.

after listing it all out it really does make it sound really crazy that i'm doing all those things on my phone during the day.
it's kind of disgusting actually.
and it really needs to stop. 

i've tried to limit my phone use during the day while i'm home with Elijah. 
::i hardly ever reply to emails on my phone unless it needs an immediate answer. and even then i would rather wait until i get on my computer [during nap times] to be able to respond.
::i've cut down on the number of games i'm addicted to which i'm proud about.
::i have limited my instagramming time down to checking it only every few days and only at night.
::and i have tried to limit the amount of times i check facebook or twitter on my phone because they are such a HUGE time waster. i was actually just thinking the other day the purpose of facebook or twitter. i mean think about it, we sit there and stare at a screen just watching people's statuses update? why? why do we have to know what people are thinking constantly? i mean, i like keeping in touch with my friends but i don't need to spend 2 hours just watching updates change every 3 minutes. not worth it.

there are times where i have thought to myself,
"why are you making time to play boggle before bed when you could be reading your scriptures?"
and it honestly made me ashamed.
ashamed that i am putting menial, non-consequential activities over strengthening my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

so i have decided to turn that around.
when i feel like i want to just sit, relax, and see how many times i can make the computer bankrupt in Monopoly, i have opened up my LDS Gospel Library app instead and started reading. {which is one thing the iphone is good for, reading in bed} 

i'm not trying to say i'm perfect at this cause i'm not.
i know that i struggle with consistently reading my scriptures.
but when i consciously put away these distractions to study things that are virtuous, lovely, and of good report, i have realize how much smoother my life seems to go.

i am much happier.
i have more patience.
i have more energy.
i feel more motivated.
my life is quite honestly more simple and joyful when i put aside meaningless distractions and put my family and the Lord first.

now it’s your turn!
do you have any tips for simplifying your life?
what ways are you prioritizing your life to make you more happy?
link up your posts below!
[can be past or present posts]

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holly & anthony said...

I have really enjoyed reading your posts! You have been talking about things I think everyone needs to hear and be reminded of. It is so true that when you push away all the distractions in life you feel happier. Thank you for the reminder and you post too quick for me to comment. I liked your post about lowering the bar for yourself because I feel exactly the same way! Thanks for being such a good example and you are so cute too! Love the thrifted blazer!

Anonymous said...

love this post! You look adorable!

Jessica Sebastian said...

Basically, I love your blog. You are doing such a great job this week. Whatever you've been looking to do, you've done it! And this post made me feel guilty. Which I think is a good thing...because I checked it right after looking at my email twice, being on FB three times, and checking Etsy....time to go be productive. Thanks for this reminder.

Franchesca said...

I love this Megan, I will definitely be linking up this weekend! XOXO

Unknown said...

this was great. I would go into details, but I feel like I must go play with my littles rather be on here bloggin' it up.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

First - I love your outfit & I smiled extremely big when I saw you were wearing one of my necklaces, YAY!

Second - I love this post & it is so true! I am so glad you speak out about things like this, it makes me take a step back and look at the situation, your a huge inspiration! :)

Unknown said...

First of all, you are seriously too cute for words! My, my! Second, I love this post! I have been challenged lately to spend less time on the web and more reading and concerning myself with spiritual things!

Rachelle said...

I haven't written a post on this so I won't link up but I've been trying (trying being the operative word) to leave my computer off until the kids are down for naps. I've found that I have so much more patience with them because I'm not annoyed that they're in the way of me doing what I want to do. And I've had fun too. I could still do better, but baby steps towards perfection will get me there much faster than a sprint and a fizzle.

Nicole said...

Love this.

amber said...

I really love this post. It is so hard for me with so many social media things out there to just step away from it, but it definitely needs to be done! Thanks for the sweet reminder and good luck to you! :)

kate said...

Such a cute blouse!

Alexis Kaye said...

Amen Sista! Seriously there are so many time wasters! I just got my iphone a few months ago and i'm amazed at how much i find myself staring at that screen