a lesson in marriage: by Erika

February 7th to 14th is National Marriage Week. to celebrate, some of my favorite blog friends and I will be sharing some of our thoughts and stories about marriage to help encourage strengthening your relationship. I hope these posts will help you to nurture your own relationship and rekindle the love you have for one another.

today’s post is by Erika from Rouge & Whimsy. i was really excited when Erika agreed to share a lesson she learned about marriage {especially when she said it was kind of funny} because 1. i love Erika, 2. she’s a great writer, and 3. i couldn’t wait to hear what embarrassing/funny story she had to dish out.
but seriously, her lesson is one that we all need reminding of. i hope you enjoy!

My biggest marriage lesson happened at the wedding.

I got married on one of the hottest days of the year in Seattle. Now, before you scoff, it was over 100 degrees at my 5 p.m. wedding. We were outside, me in a ginormous white gown, my husband in a black tux and the wedding party in black dresses and suits.
And in the summer in Seattle the sun doesn't go down until after 9 p.m., which meant that at 5 p.m. the sun was still beating full-bore.

I could feel sweat running down my back as my husband and I faced each other, clasping each others' hands as we began to say our vow.


we were interrupted by a noise most of you would be familiar with.

the noise of someone vomiting.

my brother, who happened to be one of those groomsmen, was kneeling in the grass and throwing up.

During our vows.

My dad jumped up fast and got him some water but needless to say my idea of the perfect wedding was ruined. My brother was fine-- after a sip of water, he stood up and we continued with the service, but needless to say-- the moment was different.

Different, not bad, but different.

And this lesson for marriage has taught me that sometimes things don't go exactly as we plan them. We want things to be perfect all the time-- and that's not possible. Things happen--someone may throw up-- and our expectations need to change.

My lesson learned for marriage and for real life is don't sweat the small stuff. While you'll make plans and have an idea of what you want your marriage to be or your job to be or your life to be, things are going to happen and you're going to have to adapt.

And the joy of marriage is that when those things happen-- and someone pukes-- you get to face it together.

Thanks for having me Megan!

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thank YOU Erika for sharing your story with us!
your poor brother!!! i feel so bad for him and yet i laughed so hard.
i love how Erika was able to have such a positive outlook on the ordeal and take it as a lesson learned instead of letting it ruin everything.
i hope you all enjoyed the post as well and were reminded to not sweat the small stuff!


Anonymous said...

Great guest post! no things don't always go as planned, we all have to learn that.

Tam said...

Cute post, and great lesson! I like how the pictures helped tell the story!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Great post! Loved it!

The Painters Patch said...

'Don't sweat the small stuff' ~ Hardest lesson to learn in marriage, and yet the most beneficial to the marriage. Great post :)

Our DIY Diaries said...

Great story and great reminder!


Skye McLain said...

excellent post! and I totally agree - if you let the small stuff get to you it makes the bigger stuff WAY bigger and harder to handle.

Alexis Kaye said...

oh my gosh!!!!! hahahhahah how good of you to draw a lesson from it though. And that last picture? Stunning.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

haha I loved this story- it reminded me of when my friend's now hubs accidentally dropped her doing a long dip during the dance. Such a good lesson too, things are never as we expect and I've certainly let myself get in a bad mood of it at times but luckily have a great guy along : )