Saturday Favorites


i have to admit, i was definitely counting down to the weekend and couldn’t wait until we could all just relax and Adam could be home with us.
it seemed to be really ironic that the week i planned on talking about simplicity & prioritizing ended up being a crazy, psycho week with a crazy, psycho toddler that resulted in my first anxiety attack.

i have just now realized that the reason why this week had been extra insane may have been the Lord’s way of testing me to see if i would truly heed His promptings that i felt on Sunday.
to see if i would truly remember Him and learn to be happier in the midst of my trials.
point taken.

so now that i can relax, i wanted to share some of my favorite links i found.

first, i love this post from one of my newest sponsors on how life is like a photograph.
also, this amazing photographer is only 16 years old!! talk about talent!

i love how Kristine talks about being intentional in our lives and reaching our goals.

Jillian has gotten me all excited about spring and spring fashion after her post.

and also, can i please have this ring!? thank you very much!
also, Jillian’s nails! i love them.
[hint Adam! Valentine’s present….]

i want these chocolates too. so if you win, please send them my way :)

i LOVE reading about Rebecca’s projects. she describes them like it was so effortless to do. but really if i try any of the stuff she does, i would probably end up in tears within minutes. so instead i live vicariously through her talents.

Sarah from A Lost Feather always has the most GORGEOUS pictures. i follow her on Instagram too and somehow her phone pictures are always way better than mine. i’m obsessed.


i love this. i love Tahnie. i love her little girl. i love her optimism & hope. you should too. have you donated yet?

i needed to read this post today. i love Alexis for sharing her life and opening up. it has helped me in countless ways.

totally jealous of Mindy’s awesome finds this week at an estate sale!! i need to get out more.

and finally,
Franchesca’s post about how she has coped with the loss of her daughter brought tears to my eyes.
i love her raw, honest feelings and how they’ve changed. i can’t imagine losing my baby and all the pain that must cause. i love Franchesca’s courage to open up about such a hard topic. she truly is amazing and i feel blessed to know her!


Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

happy weekend love! thanks for sharing the links! xo

Dania @ Always Dania said...
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Dania @ Always Dania said...

aww "you're the obi wan for me" how cute!!

Alexis Kaye said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog :) and I STILL haven't gotten the chance to catch up on your blog but i was just scrolling through and I saw my name. Is that me? The link takes me to another one of your posts! haha if not this is awkward. But anyway. If it is me I am really so glad that I was able to help even if it was just in a small way! I am always here for you! :) love you!

ahappygirl said...

you are so so so so SO sweet!!!!

happy weekend to you girl!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

oooh, thank you!!

happy weekend to you too.

Becca said...

You're too cute. Thanks for the mention! You're the amazing one! I'm sure you have many people living vicariously through you!

boyishchic said...

Thanks for the feature lovely! Love all your posts. You rock.
xx. Jillian

Mindy Harris said...

thank you for including me in your link list, honey! your "i need to get out more" quote really cracked me up. loved all the links and love your blog! keep up the good work.