celebrating Arizona’s birthday/engagement anniversary/Valentine’s Day


there’s a lot to celebrate on February 14th!
and in honor of the special day, Adam planned an awesome surprise date for Monday
[since Adam worked late Tuesday]
i LOVED it!

for our special date, Adam took me to an art studio at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah called Holdman Glass Studios where we made our own glass flowers.
it was pretty much the coolest thing i have ever done!!

while we waited for our turn, we looked at all the different commissions that they have done all over the world including numerous LDS temples, restaraunts, museums, churches, personal homes and a stained glass rendition of Carl Bloch’s painting “Christ Healing at the Pool of Bethesda.”
so yeah, they’re really talented!

IMG_2332 267017a4-4c65-4955-a097-86fe305f3329

and then we got to make our flowers!


here’s a little step-by-step action Adam took.

glass flower 11glass flower 9
first, they heat up a hot ball of glass in the furnace. then we flattened it out with a spatula.

glass flower 7glass flower 6
then we just started pulling around the edges of the flattened ball to make the “petals.”

glass flower 5glass flower 4
and we kept pulling…

glass flower 2glass flower 17
and pulling….

glass flower 16glass flower 15
and pulling until it looked just right. the glass starts to cool down so you have to work fast.

glass flower 14glass flower 13
then we pulled on the flower part to make a long stem at the bottom. then, you could choose to keep it straight or turn the pole to make it curly. then they cut it off and let it cool and in the end it will look something like this:

{we’re picking up ours tomorrow}

so yep, coolest.date.EVER!!
GOLD STARS to Adam for coming up with an amazing date

glass flower 18IMG_2363

for more information about the Holdman Art Studio you can visit their Facebook page here or their website here

i love doing new things with Adam!
i love that he is so willing to search out new activities and adventures for us to try out together.
i love all the things we have done so far together and i look forward to the many years we have to do more stuff.
i am so glad he chose me to be on this journey with.
he’s incredible and i wouldn’t want to spend Arizona’s birthday/Valentine’s day with anyone else but him!

so what did you do to celebrate Arizona’s birthday?
oh yeah and St. Valentine.


Courtney B said...

AMAZING! This looks so incredible! Gosh, I really miss living up there.

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

That is so cool!!

Emily said...

Those look so cool :)

Anonymous said...

oh beautiful! looks like you all had a great time!

holli h. said...

wow. those flowers are so pretty!

Bree said...

That looks so fun!! I want to go try!

Amber Marie said...

that is very cool. good job adam!

Unknown said...

you did that for a date??? that is so cool!! i want to go to a place like that...but we don't have one of those places out here. boooooo

Alexis Kaye said...

that is such an awesome idea! We haven't really done anything for valentines! I worked late. sigh