i love everything about this message!
i post this a long time ago but it deserves posting again.

if you are a mother [and even you aren’t] you need to listen to this message in it’s entirety! 
after long days/weeks taking care of Elijah and feeling hopeless & tired, this video lifts me up and reminds me that what i’m doing is truly important.

some days, being a mom doesn’t feel like much.
it can be a thankless, messy, tiring, overwhelming job.
but Elder Holland so beautifully and lovingly reminds all of us mothers that it is worth it!
even if that certain day it doesn’t feel like it, it really is worth it all!

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Misty said...

This brought tears to my eyes. It's often so hard to think of being a mother as doing God's work....especially those tough days. Thanks for sharing this. What an encouragement.