february group giveaway day!

it’s that exciting day!
my sponsors have been so generous to offer some really great prizes this month and i’m really excited to share them with you.

first, a word about giveaways.
i have seen some commentary around the blog world about giveaways and their purpose.
so i thought i would give my two cents about it for now.

the main reason i feature giveaways is to help build up my sponsors’ blogs/shops/businesses and show support for them. they work really hard on what they do and they are doing a huge service to everyone by giving away their valuable product.

i feel like that needs to be said because i feel bad when i see follower numbers and Facebook fan numbers drop after giveaways. i don’t think it’s fair to become a follower or a fan of a shop/blog just to win a prize and then stop following later.

this is about support for one another.
this is about helping one another get the word out about their product.
this is about being there for each other and making friends.
if you don’t intend to fully support a blog/shop, then please don’t enter to win their item.
it’s not fair to the shop owners as well as other people who may actually really want the item!

and that is the end of my little lecture.
please be respectful to my sponsors and show your true love & support for them!

and now without further ado, here are the items for the giveaway!

there will be one winner per item
which means there will be 17 winners!

first up,


Franchesca is by far one of the most amazing, kind, talented woman i have had the pleasure of getting to know.
i love her canvas art and can’t wait to have some of my own someday!
{when we have more wall space to hang it up}

blog // shop // facebook // bloglovin'

ONE MONTH 200X100 AD SPACE from Boysich Chic

Jillian has a great shop and a great blog! and she has incredible style!
i have LOVED getting to know her and becoming great friends.
she even sent me the cutest Gal-entinte’s Day card the day before Valentine’s.
i may have shed a happy tear or two and her wonderful kindness and for thinking of me.
cause seriously she is one of the most thoughtful people ever!
and she is a great person to work with if you are trying to build your shop/blog.

blog // shop // facebook // twitter // pinterest


Sebastian Design silver edit (4)

Jessica is one of my best friends and she is the very talented owner of Sebastian Design.
she makes these gorgeous hand-stamped necklaces that can be personalized with your own saying.
i have a few necklaces and even a personalized keychain from her and i love them ALL!

shop // facebook

EXTRA LARGE AD SPACE from Sea of Blooming Dreams

xl adspace-1

Erica is so incredibly patient and kind and seriously one of the cutest girls i’ve ever met!
she has been really great to work with and really goes above and beyond to help your business grow.

her ad comes with the option to be included in a sponsor intro post, end of the month sponsor question, link mentions, and the option to do a guest post/giveaway. which means LOTS of opportunities to get your name out there!

blog // shop // twitter



if you haven’t checked out Kristine’s shop you need to RIGHT NOW!
she has beautiful headbands and earrings and really great prices.
i’m in love with so many that i’m pretty sure if i could, i would spend our next paycheck just on stocking up on headbands and clips from her shop.

blog // shop // facebook // twitter // bloglovin’


Large sponsor spot

Gentri is an AMAZING girl inside and out!
it has been an enormous honor to be her friend and to get to know her better.
she loves everyone and is truly one of the kindest people you will ever meet!

blog // facebook // bloglovin’

ONE FREE PILLOW COVER from The Guest Room Closet


Mary Kate never ceases to amaze me with her talents.
her pillows are gorgeous!!
and they haven’t hit the store yet so you can be one of the first people to have them in your home.
but seriously, i can’t get over how adorable these pillows are.
i will take 8 please! :)

blog // shop // facebook // twitter

ONE MONTH LARGE AD SPACE from Jenni.Austria.Germany

photo (50) (1)

really, i don’t think i can adequately express my love for Jenni.
when i grow up, i hope i’m as funny and witty and cultured as she is.
i’m seriously jealous of her life! :)
i have loved working with her and getting to know her!

blog // twitter


Give Away Collage

Rachel is only 16 years old. 16 YEARS OLD!!!
and she is an INCREDIBLY TALENTED photographer!
her images are absolutely stunning and each one is better than the last.

she is giving away a free photography session (single or couple) and a free 8x10 print.
you must be in the Tooele or Salt Lake City, Utah area {or have a way of traveling there} to win this giveaway.

blog // facebook

ONE MONTH SMALL AD SPACE from Let It Be.Beautiful {formerly My Unrehearsed Life}

Ashlyn is absolutely beautiful and so is her blog!
she has such a positive outlook on life even when she is extremely busy going to school.

she is giving away a small ad space valued at $3 that includes a possible guest post.
great way to get noticed!

blog // facebook // twitter

$15 MICHAEL’S GIFT CARD from Our DIY Diaries


Our DIY Diaries is an awesome blog with lots of DIY projects and tips!
i went to school with Jen {of the famous Jen, Laryssa & Courtney who run the blog} and she, as well as the other girls, are seriously some of the most crafty and creative girls i know!!
they have this eye for seeing great projects and finding beauty in rugged, torn up items that i’m pretty sure i’ll never learn.
so instead i live vicariously through their blog!

they are giving away a $15 gift card to Michaels {my heaven on earth!} for all of your own crafting needs!

blog // facebook // twitter


aunie sauce med ad with photo

Annelise of Aunie SAUCE is a truly incredible person!!
she is so fun, beautiful, positive, kind, and oh so inspirational!
her blog is about a lot of different things including fashion and how she’s overcome some of biggest trials.
she is definitely someone worth getting to know better!

she is giving away a medium 200x150 ad space for one month

blog // facebook // twitter

$20 SHOP CREDIT from Sew Beastly

i absolutely love Citlalli’s shop!
she recently sent me this clutch in green and i’m totally obsessed!
everything about it is beautiful and is really great quality.
i’m even positive that it would live up to life with Elijah!
and with a $20 shop credit you can get something amazing of your own!

blog // shop // facebook // twitter

ONE MONTH LARGE AD SPACE from Our Reflection

Laura has a great blog that all women can relate to.
you can tell that she just loves life and wants to help others love their lives as well.
and she really is a great friend and supporter no matter what!
it’s been an honor getting to know her better and becoming friend.

her large sponsor spot comes with a 200x200 ad space, group feature post, group giveaway, and Facebook & Twitter mentions.

blog // facebook // twitter

A SET OF SMALL JOURNALS from Aleks Handmade


Aleks has a crazy adorable shop that i really adore.
i love all her headbands especially and am jealous everyday that i don’t know how to make them.
today, Aleks is giving away a set of journals to keep in your bag or with your scriptures for your personal study or what have you. i am always carrying around little notebooks and pads of paper that aren’t nearly as cute as these. so i would love to have something like this to write my thoughts down constantly!

Aleks is also incredibly generous and is offering all Mrs. Robinson readers a 15% discount to her shop!
just use the code MRSROBINSON15 for the discount that only lasts until March 7th so hurry hurry!

blog // shop // facebook // twitter

ONE MONTH 200x150 AD SPACE from Finding the Beauty in the Ordinary


do you know Heather yet? cause if you don’t you should!
she is amazing and truly one of my biggest inspirations.
she never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and love for others.
today, she is giving away 200x150 ad space! and after working with her for a few months, i know for a fact she is incredible to work with and oh so so so nice!!

blog // facebook // twitter // bloglovin'

ONE MONTH LARGE AD SPACE from Live.Laugh.Love.


Cassie is by far the sweetest girl i have ever met!
when i’m having bad days, Cassie is right there encouraging me, emailing me, reaching out to me, and just all around blessing my life. it has been such an honor to know her and work with her!
she is giving away a large ad on her blog and you will absolutely LOVE working with her!

blog // shop // facebook // twitter // bloglovin’ // pinterest


enter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

:::p.s. i’m now accepting sponsors for March and stuff… so yeah…. email me.


Anonymous said...

Anything on TGIF...boy meets world, full house, etc. I loved those shows!

Allison said...

I was JUST talking about TGIF with a coworker this morning! Those were the days...

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

Growing up I never missed the Cosby show.

Michelle said...

Boy meets World, Arnold, pretty much everything!

Makin Memories Of Us said...

Favorite tv show growing up - Boy Meets World or anything on Nickelodeon ((Clarissa explains it all, keenan and kel, all those great ones! lol))

Rachel said...

Hee hee... Dragon Tales and Arthur (on PBS)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i loved clarissa and sabrina!

Amy Bateman said...

My favorite tv show without question was Little House on the Prairie. It's still my favorite! :)

GingerPeachT said...

oh gosh, i loved Growing pains, boy meets world, and doug!! lol

jamie brooke said...

I loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Stephanie said...

Anything on TGIF - but Full House was always my favorite!

Libby's Life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Libby's Life said...

Full House or Home Improvement {my family always sat down to watch these together!

Ingrid said...

I loved Redwall, me and my brother would get up early just to watch those brave little animals.

Ruthie Hart said...


amber said...

Saved by the bell and Full House :)

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

I always loved watching Family Ties.

boyishchic said...

Oh man... probably Family Matters, Full House & the show with the gnomes. Hahah
xx. Jillian

Bree said...

Full house!

Aunie said...

what a fabulous giveaway!! I hope I win something :)

Aunie said...

LOL>>> forgot to read the instructions! My fave TV show was Rugrats, duh!!

Chelsea said...

I loved magic school bus

Christi Lynn said...

sabrina the teenage witch! haha

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

I was in love with my little ponys when I was young, ok heck I love em now ;) Excited to be with such an awesome group of ladies!

jessica said...

My Little Ponys was one of my favorites too! haha that and Fraggle Rock of course :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

you are so sweet!

my fav show was Full House for sure!

Miranda said...

I LOVED Inspector Gadget...that is when i was way young but then of course Full House...can't go wrong with that.

nada aw said...

Nice post dear
Good blog
I am following your blog with GFC
Now follow back my blog with GFC too

Unknown said...

definitely full house! what a fun way to showcase your sponsors :)

following you and the others in many ways :)


Jessica Sebastian said...

I LOVED Full House!

Tranae said...

I was a big fan of Lamb Chop's Play Along

Sarah Crooks said...

Our favorite lately had been The Bill Cosby show till netflix took it off. sniff sniff

Sue said...

Saved By the Bell!

Tracy J said...

The Cosby Show for sure....Also 21 Jump Street...ah Johnny Depp!

Sarah Wiki said...

I would have to be 'Bear in the Big Blue House.' Best thing to do after school was sing along to the ending credits. :)

Keep on keeping on,

erica marie said...

Full house, Sister sister, Step by Step, oh and I loved Saved by the Bell...I had a thing for Zach of course...lol

xo erica

Anonymous said...

Full House, for sure! :)

Christine said...

Full House was my fav!!!

Tiffany said...

Fraggle Rock!
honorable mention goes to the New Kids on the Block cartoon on Saturday mornings. :-)

Chelsea said...

Full House! Hands down!

Amanda said...

Probably would have to be Full House. I also loved Punky Brewster. :)

Thanks for the giveaway dear!

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I love Full House :-)

Fiona N - iceyogurt@gmail.com

Lisa Garner said...

I loved The Smurfs as a child and My So Called life as a preteen!

Lisa Garner

Eryka said...

I loved Boy Meets World, Sabrina the teenage witch, The Torkelsons on Disney and MIckey Mouse Club!



Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Boy meets world & full house!

Kitty said...

Sabrina, Rugrats, Sailor Moon...the list goes ON!

Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

Amanda said...

Boy Meets World and Full House!! :)

Jennifer Robertus said...

I learned everything I need to know from the Magic School Bus! :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

aah so nice of everyone! mine was def full house.