a California wedding in film

for Christmas, Adam got me a really nice Canon film camera.
me and Adam both commented how we love to hear the shutter *click*
it makes us feel totally legit

these pictures are from my brother-in-law’s wedding which i know is super late but we just barely got the pictures developed. [film is not for lazy people like me, p.s.]
and i absolutely LOVE how they turned out so i still wanted to share!

so a little wedding recap!

megain-wedding 2adam & elibride and groom[Kristina & Nathan just coming out of the temple and our niece Camilla]

Eli[clapping when they came out of the temple]

Dane[our nephew Dane]

  Camilla hugging Kristina Camilla hugging Kristina 2
Dana & grandpa[Adam’s dad and Dane]
eli cryings[story of our life]

eli fountain eli fountain 2  oakland templs[Oakland, California temple]

Josh[Adam’s brother, Josh]
  i think there was a little dust on the lens but all in all i liked them!

the guy that Adam bought the camera from gave him a bunch of film too but some of it was expired.
i actually love how the expired film makes the pictures look though, kind of old and vintage-y in a way.
it will be fun to test it out some more and learn how to use it better.

do any of you use film cameras?
do you have any tips for me?
do you like digital over film cameras or does film have it’s benefits?
i’m kind of loving film a lot more!

note: i’m incredibly behind on emails. mainly my own doing by putting them off and going on a date with my lover instead. but “irregardless” i know i have a lot to catch up on! so please know i’m doing my best. and giveaway winners, i will be emailing you and all the sponsors tomorrow. so sorry!
p.s. who knows what “irregardless” is from?? 


Chrissy said...

They turned out wonderful! xxx

... said...

You are so pretty! :) Love the photos and I know what you mean about the "shutter click" :)

She Calls Me Mama Leisha said...

Beautiful Megan, I am SO THRILLED I stumbled upon your blog-a-roo! I believe I found you via your button on the "Keeping up with The Cantelmos" blog. Your blog is positively delightful and I KNEW I HAD to become a follower/fan right away! Best wishes to you and your family. Have a Happy Monday, from a crazy, Diet Coke drinkin' mama of two from Utah, who is also a Mormon chick! (You betcha I noticed your "we believe" button! HA!) ---Mama Leisha at callmemamaleisha.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Those are all so beautiful, I love experimenting with film, but I'm just to darn lazy most of the time! I love the one of the couple coming out of the temple with the little girl- stunning!

Say :) x

claire said...

love them! i've noticed film cameras are coming back but i'm only just gettting the gist of my dlsr!

Ruthie Hart said...

how cool to have a film camera...these turned out great girl!

Denise said...

Film cameras are the best! So fun :)

Aimee said...

These turned out beautiful, though I'm sure you must have an eye for capturing beauty. The fun thing about film is you can do a lot more altering before you take the picture than you can digitally. Although I haven't used a film camera in years because I love having the digital copy of the file, so I can look at it whenever I want... There is something irreplaceable about having a hard copy of a picture to hold.


Unknown said...

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