Saturday Favorites

day 14.3
[shirt: INC, thrifted; skirt: vintage, thrifted; belt: thrifted; necklace: c/o Sebastian Design; shoes (not pictures): Forever 21, on sale $7]

Adam thinks that skirt is weird. but i’m totally and completely obsessed with it.
i try to push the limits with it all the time. i’m pretty sure i wore this skirt and my red pants the most for the 30x30 under $30 challenge
{besides my jeans of course}.

and now,
here are my favorite links from this week!

let me tell you something. the girl that made this amazingly delicious looking cupcake is 14 years old.
Kiana is girl behind Kiana Bates Baking, a baking blog that will make your mouth water!
so take it from me, don’t read it when you’re incredibly hungry. like i am right now. because i’m seriously about to start licking the screen if i keep looking at the cupcake.
check out all her different recipes here.

i LOVE this post by Hollie from Hollie Takes Notes about the blogging world. it’s such a GREAT reminder about the remembering the real reason you blog and to stop making it this impossible “game.” seriously.
i could say more about how frustrated i get with the blogging community but i will maybe save that for another time… {maybe}. Hollie has encouraged me to be more honest about it.
if you are blogger, small or big or medium or whatever!, you NEED to read this post!

this Hearts Party that Beth threw for her kids is adorable!
i can’t wait until Elijah is a little older that i can do fun things like this and he’ll actually understand it.
she did such a good job and is incredibly creative!


i love this table makeover that Jen from Our DIY Diaries did. it’s beautiful!!
now i’m determined to find some old beat up table at the thrift store and make one for myself.
{or have Jen do it for me :)}

i have been really loving Gentri’s Esthetics series she’s been posting each week. i have learned a lot about how to take better care of my skin and hopefully get rid of these stupid pimples that never.go.away!!!

seriously. i die. can Kate’s prints be any cuter???
i may or may not look through her shop once a week and swoon over each one.

this post from Melanie makes me excited for spring and going to the park for picnics.
can i have everything in all of those pictures please??

first of all, Courtney is amazingly crafty. second of all, look at the cute cd cases she made!! we have so many loose cds in our drawer that this would definitely make our drawer look more colorful and lovely.

this paper rose wreath from Ami is awesome!! it looks straight from a magazine. and is really easy to make so i can’t wait to make one myself!


that’s it for my favorites this week.
what are some of your favorites from the week? i’d love to check them out!


:::p.s. i’m thinking about changing my sponsorship options…. but am 1. lazy, 2. scared, and 3. indecisive. so if i decide to, be on the lookout for that :)

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