The Rules of Inheritance


i had the opportunity to read The Rules of Inheritance for the BlogHer Book Club.
and let me tell you, don’t read this book if you are easily emotional like me.

The Rules of Inheritance is a memoir by Claire Bidwell Smith.
it is a incredibly emotional and moving book about how Claire lost both her parents and a very good friend to cancer {before she was even 30} and goes through the grieving process.
after the death of her mother, she is thrown into this turmoil of trying to make sense of everything and figure out who she was without her mom.
it’s a really captivating account of a very troubled young girl learning how to cope with traumatic loss.

Claire Bidwell Smith is seriously an amazing author. sometimes a little rough but always heartfelt. 
i love how raw, honest, & transparent this book was.
she really lets you into her thought processes and you almost feel what she felt.
multiple times i found myself totally losing composure even once while i was waiting in the doctor’s office.

i highly highly recommend this book.
{i think i have said this about almost every book. but seriously. they are all so good!}
[i would warn you though that there is some foul language at certain parts to be aware of.]
but this book really gave me perspective about my own life and relationships and i truly would recommend it to everyone.

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

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