cadavers, carousels, carnies, and carbs

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last week we took a family field trip to the Arizona State Fair. 
the fair has free admission on Thursdays between 12-1 and being the poor, mooching students that we are and since Adam got out of school early on Thursday we decided to take advantage of the great deal.

:: we saw the body exhibit
{which totally made me queasy...  seeing the dead skin and brains.. yikes! 
& Elijah did not like being held so that was fun.}
:: watched the pig races 
:: saw the rodeo 
[where Elijah got upset cause he couldn't go pet the horses]

[just tall enough :)]
:: rode the carousel 
:: bargained with some carnies 
:: rode the teacup ride
{Elijah LOVED it! he wouldn't stop talking about it.} 
:: ate delicious funnel cake
:: & what is a day at the fair without a few tantrums...

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we may have spent a little over our small budget  
[the funnel cake was worth it though!]
but even with the tantrums & running away... it was such a fun, memorable day! 

i'm so glad we took the time to spend a few hours together as a family
and let Elijah experience the excitement of the state fair. 
we didn't have to do much [we basically walked around most of the time] but it was still one of the best days for this cute little boy! 

seeing the magic of the world through your child's eyes is one of the absolute best things about being a mom.



eryka {from abcde} said...

Mmm funnel cakes!! My fave!

Gentri said...

so so cute and fun! I am so glad you had funnel cakes! Mmmm I want one...

Rachel said...

Looks like do much fun! I'm jealous of the warmth AND the funnel cakes.

Just Simply Live said...

adorable pictures!!! looks like so much fun.

Ashley said...

Absolutely agree about seeing things through the eyes of our children. Every little experience we take forgranted takes on new meaning. :)

Chelsea said...

You're such a cute mama! And that funnel cake looked AMAZING!

Krista said...

I love these pictures! It looks like you did have a great time...I too love to stop and try to see things through my girls eyes. Precious moments that fly by:)

Alexis Kaye said...

you are the cutest mom! And I think Elijah standing next to the measuring thing is the cutest picture EVER

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Such great pictures!! It looks like yall had a wonderful time!