thankful thursday {on Wednesday}

since tomorrow is THANKSGIVING i wanted to share my thankful list early :)

this week i am thankful for: 
1 :: my mom who knows exactly when i need to talk to someone & understands my feelings,
no matter how ridiculous they may sound 
2 :: my dad who takes the time to remind me he loves me even when he is busy
3 :: my siblings who are always there when i need a friend
{and don't treat me like the little baby anymore :)}
4 :: our cozy little home 
5 :: running water & the way any bad day can be washed away with a morning shower
6 :: personal revelation
7 :: good books & literature

what are you thankful for this week?? 


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Liv said...

I'm thankful for many of the same things, as well as having my husband around a lot more than in the past four months! It's so nice having help raising our little girl; I feel like a new parent!

Happy Thanksgiving!