twenty wishes

i have always keep a running list in my head of things i want to do in a given amount of time. 
on a weekend, 
over Christmas break, 
for the summer, 
before i die... 

i have these lists i just add to on and on, most of them never really getting done. 

so when Kassi and Kaylie from Truly Lovely came up with idea of One Year, Twenty Wishes i was really excited to join in. 
i'm the kind of person that needs deadlines or else i put everything off. 
and as much as i hate to admit it, i honestly need some kind of {deadline} to help teach myself to get up off my bum and actually live my life. 

i have no problem telling myself, 
"well there will be time tomorrow" 

until all i have a HUGE long to-do list and no more tomorrows. 

so i'm hoping that by doing the 20 Wishes, and by sharing them with all of you, it will hold me accountable to not make any more excuses. 

cause i'm really good at those :)  

so here's my list of Twenty Wishes for 2013

1:: read the entire Book of Mormon again 

2:: run in a 5k
{even though i'm NOT a runner!}

3:: go camping 

4:: learn how to sew 

5:: grow a small patio garden
{with herbs and pretty flowers :)}

6:: visit at least 2 new places in Arizona to explore Arizona more

7:: revamp our furniture

8:: take Elijah to experience the world more

9:: learn to play the guitar

10:: record songs with Adam

11:: go on a toddler-free, overnight trip 
{just me and Adam! have never had one since Eli was born}

12:: start a fabric stash 

13:: finish at least half of my Personal Progress 

14:: get and maintain a one-year food supply 

15:: teach Elijah to write 

16:: learn how to use Photoshop

17:: make a baby book for Elijah's second & third years

18:: learn how to bake gourmet cupcakes 

19:: go hiking 

20:: compile a folder of my marriage blog posts 

i'm really excited to get started on my list!
i hope to get a jump start on it during Adam's fall break,
i already made another list o' fun that covers some of these items too. 

what are your Twenty Wishes?

link up your post of One Year, Twenty Wishes below! 
and let's make the most of this life!

Truly Lovely
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Rachel said...

Sounds like you'll have a busy and fun year accomplishing all of that!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

good for you! all great things.

Allison said...

Ohh I wish I put camping on my list!! also starting a fabric stash is a great idea (i suppose I have one, but need to organize it and grow it). Good luck with your wishes! Hope you get to them all.

Amber Marie said...

Some of those are pretty heavy goals! Good luck and enjoy the journey accomplishing them :)

Kassi Mortensen said...

I love your list!!!! So.... Safford, AZ could be one of your AZ places to explore. ;) I'd love to learn to use Photoshop too! That's a great one! Thanks for participating with us friend! Can't wait to watch you check these off!!!

katilda said...

i want a lot of these things too....but when you said patio garden i first read "potato garden" and i didn't know what a potato garden is but i was like YEAH DO IT!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Hey there! I definitely have the same #1 and #2 on my list. I just need to complete it! What a great link up! Good luck checking all those off!