My Life Map

this month for BlogHer's book club i "read" "My Life Map." 
i say "read" because the book isn't so much one that you sit and read through but instead as the subtitle points out it is more of a journal. it helps you think and process and write about your past while guiding you to make good decisions about your future.

this book helps you plan for your future by asking you questions about your past, present, and hopes for the years to come. at first glance it sounds like maybe it's a book only for beginning college students or other young adults to figure out what they want to do for a career. 
but this book goes into much more than just career decisions and family life. 
it is for people of all ages at all times & transitions in their lives.

as the authors say,
"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. My Life Map is a record of your past and a tool to chart the life story you hope to live in the future."

one of the interesting parts of the book was that it has you title different chapters of your lives.
for example, if you traveled a lot in your youth, that chapter would be called "World Traveler."
this is to help identify unifying themes so that you can understand yourself & your goals better. 

"My Life Map" is definitely not a book that you sit down & work through overnight.
it is something that you need to think about and reflect on since you planning for your future. 

i really liked this book & the insights it gave.
i think at this time in our life it was definitely helpful to reflect on things and come up with a good plan to help us make those hard decisions that will soon be coming up. 
i definitely recommend this journal to anyone who is at a point of transition in their life or just needs some help rediscovering their passions. 

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own

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