thankful thursday

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i have realized recently that i need to have more of an attitude of gratitude in my life
there is much to be thankful for instead of wallowing in my own self-pity. 

i thought this little personal mini-revelation came at an appropriate time with Thanksgiving right around the corner. and with many people on other social networks participating in the 30 Days of Gratitude thing, it gave me an idea of something i want to start doing on my little ol' blog. 

through the month of November, i wanted to share 7 things that i am grateful for each Thursday.
just some things, big & small, to reflect on to help me keep a better {perspective} in my life and remind me of my blessings
 i'm really excited & honestly a little nervous to keep up with this exercise.
and i hope you all will be able to reflect on your own blessings each week as well!

this week i am thankful for: 
1 :: a sweet little boy who teaches me patience every day 
2 :: a husband who works hard for a more promising future 
3 :: the gospel of Jesus Christ & the peace it brings to me 
4 :: sunshine & beautiful weather
5 :: good friends who love me & accept me for who i am 
6 :: people in church who calm down & play with my crying toddler so i can go to other activities/classes
7 :: technology that has helped me make so many wonderful new, real-life friends

if anyone else would like to participate, i would love for the attitude of gratitude to pass on as well 
leave your list in the comments or share it on your blog and leave your link.
i would love to hear what you are grateful for! 

happy Thursday {& almost Friday}!

and the winner of the $30 Urban Outfitters gift card is.... Bri Rios!
email is on its way, Bri! Congratulations!! :) 


Kassi Mortensen said...

We could all use a better attitude of gratitude! Writing those things down is a great idea!

Ruthie Hart said...

We've talked about that picture a few times at church and it is so good to brings us down from our high thrones and makes us realize how blessed and lucky we are!

Kylie said...

I love your list, especially #6&7. Looks like we had the same idea, too!

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

So good! Always need this reminder!

Camille said...

Great list!

I usually do this every Thursday, year round, except right now I'm taking a break because of carpal tunnel. But I hope to get back to it soon, they always make me feel happy and grateful. :)

Caroline Goldingham said...

I came to a pretty similar realisation myself the other day and it makes me feel so much happier.

1: I'm marrying my best friend in less than 6 months
2: I have a great family who support me all the time
3: My job is fun and fulfilling
4: My Kittycat makes me laugh all the time
5: Everyone I can about is healthy and mostly happy too.

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

So important to be thankful. Usually that's the only thing that will get me out of the "dumps" at times. :)
You have a great list by the way!