the fields were frozen over, so we moved to Arizona

[that title is not the truth {the fields frozen over part. though in the winter it is true. and i could go on some symbolic referencing of the phrase but i won’t}. i just really love that song from FUN. you can listen to it here.]

in two weeks we will be packing up all the belongings in our tiny 500 sq ft apartment, say goodbye to our Provo home of the last 6 years, cry a little lot, and make our way down to Glendale, AZ where we will be calling it home for the next 4 years.

[via QA Designs, you can get free printables here]

Adam is going to Midwestern University Dental School and i couldn’t be more excited for him!
after a frustrating application process the last couple of years, he was accepted into one of his top schools and we both can’t wait to start {and finish} this next leg of our journey.
[the finances of it all is a different story… i cried when i saw the numbers. heaven help us…]

even though it is an exciting new endeavor, it’s very bittersweet for us.
as much as i absolutely love Arizona & pretend to hate Utah, i actually am really sad & scared to move away.

i have grown to love this {not so little} Utah town and have had many amazing experiences.
i met some of my absolute best friends here.
i became an independent adult here.
i met my husband here.
i had my baby here.
i graduated from college here.**
we had our first little home here.
i learned what i’m truly passionate about here.
& i found myself and true happiness here.

there have been many nights where we have joked [slash: been totally dead serious] about staying here instead.
i know many tears will be shed as we load up the big truck with our mismatched belongings.

but AZ is pretty cool too!
and we will be moving with some of our best friends too so that will make the transition easier.
although i’m a little worried that maybe i have a very romantic, unrealistic memory of Arizona and once we move i will realize it’s actually not that great and instead is insanely, deathly hot and unlivable.
so here’s hoping AZ lives up to my {high} expectations!

wish us luck
as we try to teach Elijah not to take everything out of the boxes that we just packed up!

and any Arizona readers?
i may need helping remembering how awesome Arizona is despite the fears of chasing a 2-year-old at the park while i slowly melt to death and Elijah gets a bad sunburn then i pass out from heat stroke and then no one knows who we are cause we have no friends so they take Elijah away to child protective services (after they catch him running down the street alone) and i lose my memory for a few days from the heat so i can’t tell them about Adam being in school and Adam comes home and has no idea where we are and it’s the worst.thing.ever!
{i have a very vivid imagination, fyi}

**so those posts are super old. can you tell by how little the pictures are and probably worse writing? {well who am i kidding, my writing is still bad} bad form.


Kristen said...

OMG, Megan!!! Your whole vivid imagination of playing out the scene from the park - TOTALLY ME!!! I do the same exact thing. All. The. Time!

You'll be fine. In January, we moved our entire family from Missouri to Florida & I'm originally from the FL town we moved to (I moved to MO shortly after meeting my husband, 5.5 yrs ago) but I had soooo much anxiety anyways. It's soo hard and you'll find everything to worry about...but worrying won't change the outcome. Yes, it's VERY scary..but, you have each other. You'll be fine. & once you are settled, you'll start seeing signs coming from everywhere reminding you of why you chose to make this big move and why it was the right decision! :))

I'll be thinking of you!!


Elle said...

Hahaha that little scenario is pretty intense. I am sure you will love your next adventure. I LOVE Utah though and have the same romantic mis-guided memories of it. Love Elle xo

Kylie said...

Well, I won't lie....the valley is brutal. However, you have much cooler temps, mountains, and even *snow* just over 2 hours north :) If you ever want to come chill out (literally) in Flagstaff, let me know! I'd love to show you around.

(But really, the valley isn't all bad...)

Mrs. T said...

So exciting girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pingrees said...

I'm so excited for you! Megan you guys totally deserve this and I know Arizona will be a great place for you guys. Best luck at dental school and let's keep in touch (we can complain about med/dental school and how we never see our husbands haha)! You're amazing! :)

The Pingrees said...
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Life Created....the blog said...

im about 30 minutes from Glendale! is nice, and right now it's 100+ degrees everyday, but I'm happy to know one more blogger in AZ now!!....enjoy moving:)

Autumn said...

So exciting for you! :) I love's where my husband is from and actually where we wanted to move. Congratulations to you and your husband!

Ruthie Hart said...

lots of exciting things coming up for you guys!!! I know a lot of Arizona bloggers so I know you will find a "family" :)

Kaylee Gwyn said...

I am so excited for you and this BIG move! I know you'll love it there. You needed a change of pace and I think you'll flourish there so well. LOVE YOU so much and I cannot wait to follow you in this adventure!

Saragers said...

Ummm Arizona is AWESOME!!! I'm actually from Glendale. I LOVE it there. I can't wait to move back. Congrats on your hubby getting into midwestern!

Bri Rios said...

That is so exciting!! You are finally getting out of Utah :) My parents met at BYU, and moved to Cali so my dad could go to dental school, and my mom had both me and my brother while my dad was still in school! She has said it was one of the most trying times in her life, but definitely worth it. Just think of where you will be at in the long run, living comfortably and not worrying how to make ends meet!

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Aaah! My hubby just graduated from the podiatry program at Midwestern! We loved our time in Arizona & are thinking about moving back there after residency is over. If you ever need the "scoop" on good places to go for things, parks, fun stuff, etc. e-mail me!! Best of luck in AZ! :)

Alyssa Dawson said...

Just emailed you! You are going to love it!! So excited for you! Applications are HORRID!!

Tristy said...

That is so excited!!! First off Congratulations!! The application, DAT and all that fun stuff is finally over and is finally paying off! My husband is in his 4th year at Midwestern and although I do hate the summer with my almost 2 year old the winters are AWESOME!! But there are pools, splash pads, and all sorts of things to do indoors that will make it more bareable!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

So let's take a second and just relish the fact that you're moving insanely closer to ME!!!!! :) I'm only a couple hours away now! Which means there's an actual possibility that we may get to hang out in real life. See... your whole vivid imagination scenario is completely outweighed. Not to mention entirely unrealistic... hahaha ;)

Whitney said...

I am estatic to move back to AZ! I do not like UT but I love all the memories I have here! Yes it is SO HOT in AZ but just be happy for a new adventure! You'll always miss UT and the memories you made there but you'll (we'll) make new memories!

Natalie said...

Good luck! I can't wait to hear about your life in a new city!

Megan10e said...

Hey! We are going to be neighbors! I have lived about an hour south of Tucson for the past 7 years, but in the next week or so we are packing up our house and moving to Surprise, AZ where my husband has taken a new teaching job! If you don't already know, Glendale is right next door!!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

katilda said...

all you need to know about AZ is that it's get to play outside all winter when the rest of the country is freezing to death and having snowstorms in may/june! sure, july and august are rough....but az sure makes up for it. the killer sunsets don't hurt either :) WELCOME!

Brittany T. said...

oh megan girl, it's going to be alright! I know it's bittersweet, Utah will always be special but your move to AZ will be an adventure where more great memories will be made and new friends too!! I CAN't wait to meet you!! :) and i LOVE that Az print!!

the Sweetest Memory said...

Good luck on your move! I have lived in Arizona all my life, and love it. But, I have to say it is a tough time to move this time of year! Anything to do with water is a great way to keep you kiddo busy and cool. Sprinklers, water tables, playing with ice, splash pads at parks, etc are great things to do. Also, indoor playgrounds at the mall and Chick Fil A are wonderful too! Enjoy this new adventure in your life!

I just posted about the Arizona Mountains. They truly are beautiful!

Found you on the Blog Hop. Thanks for hosting!


CAS said...

I don't know if you've already moved & have found out first-hand that moving to AZ in July/August is brutal. We moved to Gilbert, AZ just about a year ago, thinking how crazy we were to be moving during an AZ summer! We were moving from an even warmer spot, Yuma, AZ, but hot is hot. It will get SO MUCH better though. As one of the other commenters said, it is just the opposite here from most other places. When everyone else is putting away the patio furniture & BBQ, flipblops & shorts, we "Zonies" are opening up the windows & heading outdoors!

It will take some getting used to, so be careful. The best advice is to drink tons more water than you ever have in your life. Always, always carry a bottle of water for each person. Second piece of advice, get a sunscreen for your car window -- makes a huge difference.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We've lived in AZ for almost thirty years now, having moved from Oregon & never regretted it. We lived in Scottsdale for over 11 years, then Yuma (for hubby's job) for over 17 yrs,, & now we are retired & have been living in Gilbert for almost a year. Our children & 6 grandchildren all live in Scottsdale.

Good luck to you in your new home & to this new adventure in your life!


Aubrey said...

i'm a lot behind in my blog reading so i'm just now catching this. i am totally jealous of your move. while i love utah a lot more than i ever really admit, i equally hate utah winters. arizona is going to be great! it has a lot of the same great things utah has but no utah winters.